About Me

Hi my name is Hannah, I'm 26 27 and an Engineer living in Glasgow, Scotland.

I have been battling with my weight for years and last October something clicked and I realised I had to do something about it. I joined Weight Watchers and started going to the gym. I have a trainer called Tom who is awesome and up until now I've lost just under three stone which I'm very proud of.
I still want to lose another stone and a half which I'm determined to do but the biggest change I've seen in me is my love for exercise - I never thought I'd say it but I love being active and on the go. I've started running and swimming and would, at some point, like to take part in triathlons.
I've never been a big runner and have surprised myself by being able to run for longer than five minutes and most of all I actually enjoy it!
I've also signed up to swim two miles across a lake in England in a few weeks which I'm trying to train hard for in the pool to try and do it in 1.5 hours.
This has also been a lifestyle choice for me - I love my food, especially cake, and am not prepared to sacrifice that so I know I'm going to have to train hard to be able to eat what I want.

So... That's me and this is my diary and journey on the quest to stop being the fat girl and have my cake and stay thin!

Please feel free to comment / ask me questions

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  1. I'm a Weight Watchers gal as well and I've lost 2 stone and 5.5lbs with the plan. It's great to find another Brit's blog to follow and another Weight Watcher.

    You've done amazing by the sounds of it and I'm sure you will drop that other stone and a half. x

    1. Wow well done on your loss you must be happy. Are you still losing or maintaining?
      I hope I drop the other 1.5 stone - its harder the closer I get oh and my ability to stay away from cake isn't any better either!!
      I hope you enjoy my blog - have a great weekend, its chucking it down here so I hope the weather is better where you are!

  2. I came across your blog a couple of days ago, I think it was at Runs for cookies - and I absolutely love it! I'm just starting my weight loss journey and I have so much to learn but reading inspiration blogs like yours help keep my sprits up - looking forward to reading more form you soon!

    1. Heya - thanks for popping over to my blog, I'm glad you like it!! I'm happy that I'm giving you some inspiration - I'm by no means a finished article and I have my slip ups along the way but if I can at least make someone aware of my mistakes on here when I make them then maybe they won't do the same thing!!

  3. Iam so glad to have found your blog :)
    I wish I could do Weight watchers but India does not have that.
    Will follow u now