Monday, August 6, 2012

Paul's Birthday Weekend

So this week's weigh in was a disappointment - I put on 2.8lbs which also means that I'm heavier than when I started the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge which is an even bigger disappointment!!
I'm trying to get it back on track now though - I'm concentrating on drinking all my water and trying to eat healthy although that might be a bit difficult because my flatmate and I decided to defrost the fridge / freezer which means that not only am I trying to eat the food that I've had to take out of the fridge before it goes bad but I also haven't been able to go and do a food shop so my diet will be sadly devoid of salad for the next couple of days!!
I'm going to try and not let it get me down though - I'm going to up my exercise and understand that everyone has their bad days / weeks and I've achieved a lot already. Although my gym is still shut so any suggestions of workouts I can do at home with only a Swiss Ball and a kettle bell would be awesome peeps!!

Saturday night after the hype of the amazing Boring Runner's Virtual Sweat your Thorns Off 5K Paul and I headed out for dinner to celebrate his birthday - it's actually today but seeing as he's so busy with his PhD he decided he wanted to go out to eat at the weekend.
I had picked a restaurant to surprise him called Tempus in the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow City Centre.
I'll be honest and say it was disappointing for me anyway because they managed to get my order wrong three times!!
It started with the drinks order - I ordered a Diet Coke and the waiter brought full fat Coke.
The starters were fine - I ordered a Chicken and Chorizo Terrine with apple chutney which was very nice and Paul ordered black pudding and poached egg stack which he said was nice, he loves black pudding though so you couldn't really go wrong with that!!
We also ordered some bread to share, this was lovely too with sun dried tomato pesto and hummus to dip into - the only thing we didn't like was the olive bread but that because neither of us like olives.
Then for mains we both ordered steaks - they came with grilled tomato and grilled mushrooms and chips and you could pick a sauce.
Paul ordered a Peppercorn sauce which he got with his steak no problem - I ordered a Diane sauce but my steak turned up with Garlic Butter!! I told the waiter and they brought me out some Diane sauce so it was fixed with not much fuss but I was still a bit disappointed that my order had been wrong twice!
Then we asked for the dessert menu and waited a long time and had to ask someone else for the menu after waiting so long!!
Paul ordered the Crème Brulee which was supposed to be orange flavoured but was actually a vanilla one - Paul said it was nice but after everything that had already happened I was increasingly unhappy!
I ordered the Warm Chocolate Fondant which when it arrived turned up in the form of Sticky Toffee Pudding!! I told the waiter and they took it away and brought me out a Chocolate Fondant which I'm sure had gone in the microwave because of the mix-up because it was quite rubbery and didn't have a saucy centre like it should have.
For the price of the meal I was very disappointed but Paul still seemed to enjoy himself so I suppose that's all that mattered.

Tonight it's his present opening and cake time!!

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