Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Grazing - No More Graceful

As I have scheduled to get my Graze boxes on a Tuesday I was excited to get home from work last night to see what I got!!

Today I am trying the Cheddar, Red Onion and Chutney Focaccia
Doesn't it look yummy!!
There's a warning on it that because it's fresh I should eat it quickly which is why this is the box that made it's way into work with me today.
The whole thing is only 133 calories which for me to get a wee bit of bready goodness into my tummy sounds great.

I've decided I'm going to add a tab to my blog to review each graze box I get - that way if you're interested they are all in one place and if you're not my main blog won't be full of reviews you're not interested in.
I'll do that this weekend (fingers crossed) and then let you know whenever I update it and put a little link in my main post.
I haven't tried the focaccia yet so I'll add that to my review also.

Last night was week two of my beginners ballet class - it was a bit hectic getting there and I thought I was going to be late!! But the class was just warming up as I arrived so I managed to sneak in and one of the other ballet goers (mind blank of what to call people who go to a class?!?!) said they had only just started so I was relieved.
It's always going to be a bit of a rush to get there on time, I'm just going to have to be a bit more organised at home - the class starts at 17:45 but I don't finish work until 16:45 and it takes me on average 20 minutes to drive home. The ballet class is about a mile away which usually takes me 20 minutes to walk there but I would prefer to walk at a slower pace so I'm not all flustered and sweaty when I get there!! Not at all graceful!
I can get home at about 5 past / 10 past 5 and I'd prefer to set off walking at quarter past 5 to give me half an hour to get there and put my stuff away in the lockers so that gives me between 5 and 10 minutes to get changed and pick up my dance stuff
Yesterday not only did I get stuck in traffic and didn't get home until closer to quarter past 5 but I was also bursting for the toilet (TMI?! sorry!!) I must learn to pee during my work hours!!
So anyway this meant that I ended up rushing to ballet class and got there all red and flustered and sweaty exactly how I didn't want to end up!!

The class went back over what we had learnt the week before and then quickly moved onto some new steps that involved attempting to fling your leg up high in front, behind and to the side of you, this was fun and created some laughs by the class due to some people kicking others up the bum!! However, my thighs are not liking it today! As I was last week, my legs are pretty sore and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow as in my experience the day after the day after is always the worst!!
The class ended with some jumps which we did in groups of three while the rest of the class watched, I was mortified!! I'm easily the heaviest in the class and I'm a former rugby / kickboxing girl so I'm not exactly light on my feet!! I also got my steps wrong which meant that I did a sort of skip with a little jump across the floor rather than the arabesques we were aiming for!!
The rest of the class seemed to have the same problems though so I didn't feel as embarrassed as I thought I would have done.

I'm still enjoying the classes though and the dance studio I go to is brilliant and very friendly and I never at all feel like anyone is looking at me and wondering why I'm there!
I'm also getting to know some of the people in my classes so its nice to see the same faces to say hi to.

Jobs for this week: Buy some ballet shoes, I meant to do this last week but it totally slipped my mind, I danced in socks this week which was better but I might as well go the whole hog and buy some shoes.
I'm also going to try and practice my moves because I realised I couldn't remember a thing from last week when we were doing the recap at the start of the class!! Learning the names to match the movements is proving very tricky!!
I'm lucky that my flat has wooden floors so it shouldn't be too difficult to practice my slides etc

The only main thing I'm finding with ballet is that because I've got rugby girl thighs and calves (i.e. they're pretty big) I find it hard getting into fifth position
My bloody calves keep getting in the way!!
Anybody do dancing that could give me some advice on this?

I also spent last night making a cake and decorations for Paul's birthday cake. I like to make him one every year, I love baking and I think it's something nice and personal from me.
I'm not going to tell you what it is just yet because although I don't think Paul reads my blog - it'd be sod's law that this time would be the day he reads it!!
I'll post pictures (if it looks OK!!) after it's been revealed to him so you can see my attempt!

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