Friday, August 10, 2012

In a Funk

I've been feeling a bit down lately (which is why I've not been on here for a while) and I don't really know why, it must just be one of those weeks!!
I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel appearing so I'm hoping the darkness will lift completely soon.

And so after that - back to my week...

I got another Graze box in the post this week and my first one to try was this one:-

It was a gluten free lemon and poppy seed cake with a tea bag (the concept is to make it into an afternoon tea!!)
I have to say I'm not an expert on gluten free dishes simply because I don't need to be but this cake was delicious!! Just the right amount of sweet vs lemony flavour and something that seems more wicked than it's 84 calories let on.
I haven't tried the tea bag yet mainly because it was really hot in Glasgow yesterday (yup I did just say that!!) so I really didn't want to drink a hot cup of tea but I'll let you know what it's like when I've tried it.
I like the idea of it, it's something a bit different but for me I'd maybe prefer a bigger slice of the cake and lose the tea bag in the box but that's because I'm greedy!! I still really liked it though.

On Tuesday night I went to Ballet class as usual and as usual I was very nearly late due to the time I have to leave work and then I need to get ready and head out the door for a twenty to thirty minute walk to get there. I'm sure I can be more organised than I am but it's only the third lesson so I'm sure I'll get back into the swing of things soon enough.
I think it's a combination of me starting work at 6am so I'm out of the house by 5:20am to get there on time so I don't really have the time to sort things on a morning (more like I don't want to sacrifice those few precious moments in bed to get my clothes ready!!)
And because it's on a Tuesday night, the night before is a Monday night which is the evening of the first day back at work which means I'm being a petulant child and sulking and don't want to do anything!! I also have another dance class on a Monday night that doesn't finish until 9pm which means I'm not home until about half 9 and after I've made something to eat I'm ready to crash!!
I think next week I'm going to try taking my clothes to work with me and I'll get changed there before I leave which will mean I just need to dump my car at my flat and then head off. We'll see how that goes!!

I've also just realised that I've just written a whole paragraph on clothing strategy!! Booorrrrriiiinnnnggggg!!
Sorry folks!!

I also had some bad news this week!! My gym is shutting for good!! Luckily this means that they cancelled my contract with no quibbles. So I went to the other (posh and rather more expensive) gym on my business park and signed up - to be honest it's not too bad for a gym I think I was just paying such a good price for the other one (£17 / month) that I begrudged signing up to pay the fees for this one (£44 / month)
However I came to the following conclusions:-
My original gym was very basic, it had everything I needed / wanted but only a couple of them so sometimes you had to wait to get on the treadmills etc - this new gym has rows and rows of machines and TWO weights rooms.
This gym is still on my business park and that has seemed to work for me this time around - I have found in the past that if I get home I don't tend to go back out to get to the gym or if I've driven more than halfway home then I'll tend to drive home rather than turning off in a direction to go to the gym - so if I go right out of work then I get my workout done so I'm going to give this gym a try.
£44 / month is a lot more than the other gym but this gym also has a pool (for when I find myself wanting to get back in the water after training so much in there for my swim!!) and a sauna and steam room which would be nice after a hard workout if I fancied it. They also have classes which are included in the membership (my original gym didn't do classes) and they even do special high intensity ones that only last half an hour at lunch time specially made for the people working on the business park to get in and out on their lunch break in an hour. I'm actually quite excited to try some of these!! I'm even excited that this could mean I could go to the gym TWICE in one day!! I know - I don't know who I am any more either!!
Also the price isn't too much over the average gym cost in the UK - I think most of them are around the mid £30's to early £40's anyway and I realise that I use the gym so much these days that it's never going to be a waste of money - I keep thinking I'm still that girl who signs up for a gym and never uses it or even the girl who doesn't want to go to the gym any more - I'm not her any more so if I want to spend that amount of money, it's not going to be wasted.

So anyway - after all that (yet another exciting installment in the life of Hannah!!) I signed up last night and I have my induction and training programme setup this afternoon!! I'm excited to get back in the gym - it'll also mean I can start the New Rules of Lifting for Women programme again!! Watch out everyone - Hannah and her guns will be arriving soon!! Ha Ha

Anyways - I'll let you all get back to something infinitely more exciting than reading about my gym problems!!
Have a great day and weekend - if you're in the UK I hope you all enjoy this nice weather while it lasts!!


  1. Hannah you crack me up! I quite enjoyed hearing all about your sulking and clothing preparations because well...that's totally me as well! Your graze boxes make my tummy rumble...lemon...mmm. I'm with you on the wanting more of the lemon goodness and skipping the tea. Sounds like your new gym will definitely be worth the cost. Proud of you for keeping at it! Hubby and I are looking into gyms here too. He was a swimmer in college so we are looking into gyms with pools...most expensive (per couple) is $95 and least expensive is $60. I am definitely voting for the $60 gym! Good luck with the weight lifting program...looking forward to seeing some guns! :)

    1. Thanks - I'm glad I make people smile!!
      I'm a total child on a Monday night which is crazy really coz I really do love my job - but the lazy girl inside me just wants more time in bed!
      Have you managed to find a gym yet? I hope you get one that has everything you both want in a gym!!

    2. We tried out a gym tonight and we liked it....but we found out that there have been shootings there lately! Oh my goodness...unacceptable. So we won't be going with the cheap option. Looks like the expensive $95 per couple each month it is. I have a really hard time paying that, but keeping our health is priceless, right?

    3. Ermmm I think life in general i.e. not getting shot is worth paying that amount of money!! Go where it's safe!

  2. Love your blog and the fact that we don't have to give up tasty things to lose weight! You've proven that that's true! I just started my own fitness blog and would really appreciate you checking it out. I need followers to help stay motivated to keep up the blog, and your story is so inspirational! My blog is Thanks so much!

    1. Aww thanks very much - I'm always very honoured to hear that people enjoy reading my blog, I quickly came to the realisation that if this new way of eating was going to last me a lifetime then I was going to have to get rid of the lists of can and can't foods and remember that treats are just that - they're special and not for everyday consumption, the good thing with this is that it makes them taste sooooo much better when you wait to have it.
      I'd love to read your blog!! I love reading different people's stories - the website you gave me doesn't seem to be working though so give it a try and send it to me again and I'll definitely pop by!!
      Good Luck