Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another installment in the exciting life of Hannah!!

Ha ha sometimes my life is so exciting I even bore myself!!

This picture is testament to exactly just how boring I am!! This is what I spent my Saturday doing...
I decided to organise my wardrobe and I'm ashamed to say I'm pretty impressed with it if I do say so myself!!
Because I have big plans to be going to the gym at lunchtime at work and also on an evening too plus throwing in my dance classes most days I'm going to need two sets of gym clothes with me and working a 50 hour week on top of that means that I needed to get organised so that I could just grab a handful of clothes every night after work and shove them in my gym bag and I would be ready to go!!
We'll see how it goes - at the moment I'm still waiting to see if I have enough gym stuff to last me a week, our washing machine has broken down at the moment and the landlord is less than speedy at getting it fixed so I'm having to do my washing at the launderette and not only is that working out as quite expensive, its not a journey I want to be making more than once a week!!
Also with working full time, it's usually closed by the time I get home.

Anyways back to the main reason for the above activity - the gym.

Friday's session was brilliant - Chris the trainer that took me round the gym made me a programme to follow which involved more weights than usual - but it seems a lot like the New Rules of Lifting for Women book so I'm going to give this programme a try for a bit at least. I'm hoping to help tone up my arms a bit and lose some more junk from my trunk!!

I tried the programme right through for the first time last night (well not quite right through, I was running late to meet up with a friend so I had to cut it a bit short!! :-( )
Boy though the workout is pretty hard!! It starts with a short burst on the rowing machine, covering 500m in less than 2 minutes - Chris says I should aim to improve on my time every time I'm there.
Then it moves onto weighted squats, deadlifts, military push ups, chest presses, lat pulldowns and a super set of leg presses with jumping lunges (boy do those make my legs feel like jelly!!)
Then if that wasn't enough it's all rounded up with intervals on the bike, this starts with a minute of warm ups then 10 repeats of twenty seconds as fast as I can go (not letting the speed on the bike dip below 100) and then 40 seconds of recovery time ending with a minutes cool down.

Last night I didn't manage the leg press super sets or the intervals but I managed everything else and I'm definitely feeling it today! I'm in that weird good but painful bubble after the gym still which I'm enjoying.
I have ballet tonight after work so I hope that my legs don't give way on me during the class!! They seem fairly OK at the moment but I'm sure the pain will develop over time.

Last night I caught up with an old friend for dinner that I haven't seen for months - we always joke that we'll meet more often but time always seems to get away with us and the next thing we know another six months has passed.
She's got a new guy in her life so I don't mind her being pre-occupied at all ;-P
We met up at a place called Bar SOBA in Glasgow which serves Japanese food - we both had vegetable tempura to start and then Kerry had a beef curry and I had a pork noodle soup.
I totally should have taken a picture of this soup because it was absolutely huge!! It turned up filled to the brim and I sent it back, after I was stuffed, with what seemed like only an inch gone from the bowl!! Kerry and I were laughing that it seemed to fill itself back up again!!

I was a bit naughty and had two small glasses of wine with dinner - to be honest though I'm not too bothered about it (until it shows on next week's weigh in that is!! Lol) I really don't drink alcohol at all nowadays and it was nice having a couple of glasses of wine to go with the girly catch up.
After that it was pretty late once I got home so I literally got changed for bed and crashed.

Kerry is also doing something really cool - she turns 30 next March and she's asking 30 of her friends to give her something to do - 30 before 30 basically
I'm totally getting in on a couple of them - one is run a 10k (count me in on that one), another is climb a mountain (I'm in for that too!!) and another is cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh which is 50 miles (I've hijacked that too!!)
My idea for her was to learn the trapeze, I might join her for that too. It's not as hard as it sounds because there are a couple of companies in Glasgow who offer trapeze classes so it's hopefully not going to be too hard or too expensive for her to achieve that.
Another one she was given was that she has to break a world record so we're trying to find an obscure one that could be doable - I may need to spend my lunchtime googling world records!!
I can't wait to hear how she's getting on with everything!!

My weigh in for the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge wasn't that great but I was expecting it - I haven't been great at accounting for my eating recently for a few reasons (I might tell you what it is when I know what's going on myself!!) and I knew it was going to show on the scale - I lost 0.4lbs
I know that's a loss and believe me I'm pleased it's not a gain but to see not even a whole pound loss is a bit annoying.

No matter though - onward and upward I say - and this week I'm totally bringing it in the gym department

I hope you all have a great week - I hope your weigh in went well if you're taking part in the challenge or even if you're not!!

What world record would you like to break?
If a friend asked you for an entry to her 30 before 30 challenge - what would you propose they do?


  1. I love how you organized your jewelry, mine is just sitting all tangled in a box! I may have to steal this from you :)

  2. Yeah they're great things - you can buy them online they're called Jewellery Hangers I think and they come with hooks at the top that sit over the top of a door!!