Monday, July 16, 2012

Yet Another Monday

Hi Guys,

How is everyone doing today? I hope you all had a great weekend.
Mine was the perfect balance of good things, good company and rest and relaxation.

Firstly I was very excited because my FitBit arrived in the post on Thursday night!!
Yup this little beauty is now mine!!
I love it already - it's so discreet and will clip onto almost anything! I've even used it to monitor my sleep, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my sleep data but I like knowing what's happening to me while I'm off in the land of nod.

I wore it all day on Saturday when Paul and I decided to walk into town to get a few things - also Paul went to the train station because he was spending the night at his parents house so I had to say goodbye to him for a little while anyways :-(

I needed to buy a couple of things for Paul's Mum because it was her Birthday and we were going to meet up and go out for dinner on Sunday.
I had no idea what to get her but I headed to the local running shop because she puts me to shame with her running!! This is the woman who says her 10 minute miles are slow!! I'm still dreaming of running a ten minute mile even for one mile and she does hill runs for 10 miles at that pace and yet still claims she's slow!!
I know she loves jelly beans when she's doing her long runs and I know Jelly Belly make sports beans in handy little pouches so I bought her a couple of those in the hopes that she would like them.
I also got her some candles and a little bag of chocolates from a local chocolate shop. I'd also already bought her the DVD Bridesmaids because Paul had said that he thought she would like it - I agreed, I think that movie is hilarious!!
So all in all I thought it made a nice little bag of treats for her - and was hopefully thoughtful too.

Over the course of Saturday my FitBit said that I had walked 12000 steps!! I was very pleased with that - although I'm going to have to work extra hard during the week because most of my day is spent sitting at a desk so I don't manage to log too many steps during the day.
All the more reason to use my free gym pass that I got last week!!

I'm sure I told you that my normal gym got flooded but then another (very posh and expensive) gym around the corner from my office offered us (my company) a free week's pass!! So I rang up straight away and got my name down to get one. I picked it up on Friday and had a walk around to check out the place. It looks lovely and I'll be very happy to have that as my temporary workout venue for the next week.
I'm hoping that my gym will be back up and running after this week so it'll be back to normal after that.

Like I said above, Paul, Paul's Mum, Paul's Dad and I went out for dinner for his Mum's birthday. We went to a place called Cafe Andaluz which serves Spanish Tapas Food and it was lovely - we got a deal that gave us three tapas and a desert for £14.95 which was a great price
I had the Spanish Omelette, Chorizo and Crispy Chicken with a Honey and Mustard coating
It was all delicious and although I tried to pick the 'best' choices (I know Chorizo wasn't the best but I love it) and didn't know the calorie amounts, I allowed myself to enjoy myself because it was a special occasion.

And it must have been OK because for the first time in what seems like ages I lost weight for my weigh in this morning!!
I'm down two pounds from last week!! It means I'm still two pounds up overall from my lowest weight but it seems more achievable now and I've got a bit more motivation because I've actually seen the scale go down!! So fingers crossed there's another loss next week!!

Another thing I did at the weekend was sign up for The Boring Runner's Virtual 5K.
I love this for two reasons:-
1. I love the idea of people all around the world running on the same day for the same reason and I already know I'll love reading all the race reports afterwards
2. I was looking for a local 5K to run to check off my list of 30 Before 30 but there didn't seem to be any so I'm going to run this as if it's an 'official' one (if you're reading this Adam, your race is totally official) and I'll be able to tick it off the list!!

I also have some more exciting news but I'm going to wait until it's totally official - so I'll keep you in suspense for a little while longer!!

I hope you are all having a great Monday and if you're in the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge then I hope you got the results you were looking for.


  1. The FitBit is TINY! For some reason I was thinking it was a lot bigger and would be cumbersome. Wow! Please keep updating on how you like it. Which day is the Virtual 5K? I looked on the website and couldn't find the info. Thanks!

    1. Hey Laura -
      I'm loving the fitbit its encouraging me to walk places more e.g. I have to either go down one flight of stairs or up two to go to the loo and since getting the fitbit guess which I ALWAYS choose?!
      It also syncs with MFP and automatically alters your daily calorie allowance depending on how many steps you've done!
      The Virtual 5K is on Saturday 5th August, if you click on the words 'Virtual 5K' on this post it "should" take you to the right page - I've just tried it and it seems to work.
      Thanks for stopping by too :-)

    2. YaY! I found the right site for the virtual 5K and I'm in! I'll be running on August 4th too. Proud of you for getting all those steps in! Keep it up :) You are inspiring me!