Saturday, July 21, 2012

Run in the rain

I was determined that I'd make a good start to this weekend - I had gotten a Groupon voucher for a picnic hamper from a local bakery and Paul and I decided that we would pick it up this weekend although the weather is probably going to mean we have an indoor picnic but either way I'm looking forward to it! So I knew I wanted to do something to try and counteract the hamper eating - I had a sneaky weigh yesterday morning and it's looking like I've lost a little bit so I don't want this to give me a set back.
So this morning I got in my workout gear and laced up my trainers and headed out for a 5k run - I have a nice little loop from my flat and back that works out nicely as a 5k so I put my 10k training app on my iPhone and set off. The training programme finishes a bit before the end of my 5k so I tend to run through the 5 minute cool down section and then cool down after that - it gets me home anyways.
It actually went pretty well - I should have gotten out the house a bit earlier because it was actually quite bright and sunny but then the clouds rolled in and I got hit with a couple of showers while I was out but it actually felt pretty good, it helped cool me down anyways.

When I got in (after walking up the 6 flights of stairs to my flat I might add!!) I was still feeling pretty energetic so I did some housework, I hoovered the whole flat and sorted out the rubbish (I still need to put it all down the chute though) and emptied and re-filled the dishwasher.
I then made a cup of coffee and you will now find me sitting with my laptop with an Activia Banoffee yoghurt (delicious BTW) and my coffee looking through my emails, blogs and comments.
I've also decided to join the world of twitter (finally!! I hear you say - I don't profess to be up with the trends!!) so I'm trying to get my head around all that but if you want to follow me you can find me at

I'm due to pick up our picnic hamper at half four and its a half hour walk away so I'm gonna head for a shower and get ready to go back outside and I'll let you know what was in this mystery hamper!!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far

What is your take on exercise on a weekend? Do you work out hard during the week and take the weekend off or is the weekend just like any other day and you workout as normal or do you use the days not working to squeeze in your extra long runs / sessions?
What's your favourite flavour of yoghurt?


  1. Proud of you for working so hard on your training! I tend to treat the weekend just like any other day of the week. Friday is normally a rest day. I usually do a Saturday morning crosstrain (bike or elliptical) and almost always do a Sunday night run to relax, get my mind in focus and start the week out right. Oh and my favorite yogurt flavor would have to be Yoplait Blackberry. (I'm off sugar right now to try to deter my migraines, but as soon as I'm back on I will be stocking up on that goodness!!)

    1. I'm in awe of people who work on weekends / their days off - I think it's because I only really get to see Paul on a weekend so I don't want to take any of that time away but he's been so busy recently and has been staying with me full time that I've managed to get in a few extra sessions!!
      How is the journey to becoming migraine-less coming along - I suffer too and am on daily meds for them but it looks like you have it far worse than me!!

    2. Agreed. It is difficult to balance time between family, friends, work, exercise and everything else in life. Glad you are able to get a few more sessions in though! Good for you! The migraine journey is still rough...I am willing to try just about anything at this point. So sorry to hear you suffer too! I go back to my doctor next month so hopefully I will be able to take all of my data to my appointment and they can help out. I will definitely continue to update on my blog. Keep up the great work Hannah!

    3. Have you guys got Botox for migraines? On the Health Service over here they are bringing out Botox injections that have been proven to stop migraines for up to six months!! I only really get them once a fortnight so I wouldn't qualify as a high need patient but you sound like you would be a perfect candidate - maybe you could ask your doctor? I don't like the sound of injections in my forehead but I also know how crippling migraines are and I really feel for you getting so many!

    4. Yes, I keep seeing ads for Botox to help with migraines. I also am not a fan of injections in my forehead, but it's getting to the point that I might bring it up to my doc when I see her. Thanks Hannah!

  2. That's great that you went for a run even though you can't get to the gym. You will have definately earnt your hamper. What was in it?

    I exercise on weekends. I don't always get a lot of time to work out during the week, I force myself to, but sometimes I'm either too busy or simply exhausted. I'm a full time post graduate student and trainee journalist. It's pretty hectic at times. So, I use weekends to exercise because I have more time. I usually do a fitness DVD workout on a Saturday or sometimes a big long walk with the family and/or bf and I go horse riding on a Sunday morning.

    I'm totally into natural and greek yogurt at the moment. I'm loving that with fruit and nuts. My favourite at the moment is Yeo Valley Organic Bio Live yogurt. It's got probiotics in so is tummy friendly, which is what I need right now because I've come down with a stomach bug :(

    Kudos on the running. I wanted to go for a run yesterday but spent the day in bed feeling sorry for myself instead. Lol. If I feel not too bad tomorrow or Tuesday I may go for a slow jog. If the weather holds up. I don't like running in the rain, it sends my eczema crazy.

    1. I love Greek yoghurt too! I love it with fruit / compote and granola! Yummy
      Have you been horse riding today? I had horses growing up and really miss them - I'd like to try it again but I need to find some stables near where I live.
      Good luck on the jog if you end up going.