Monday, July 23, 2012

My lowest yet

Happy Monday people, I hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was full of good company, Paul in particular, and good food.
Like I said on an earlier post I had a voucher for a picnic hamper from a local bakery in Glasgow called 'Cup'.
I picked it up on Saturday afternoon and Paul and I ate it for our dinner.
It was lovely although (I can't believe I'm saying this) contained too many sweet things over savoury.

It came in a lovely little box with handles with the following things
Fresh Lemonade
Three Mini Bread Rolls - one each of ham, egg mayonaise and chicken
A fruit scone (Paul got a cinnamon one which smelled delicious) with a small pot of jam and some cream
A pot of carrot and celery sticks
A pot of strawberries and blueberries
A cupcake (I actually got two in my box but I was good and only ate the one)
A box of three mini pastries - a custard slice, a brownie and blueberry mousse in a dark chocolate cup

The whole box is a nice idea and Cup is apparently well known for their cupcakes and I'd love to go there for a treat one day, when I was picking the boxes up I saw all their different flavours and they all looked amazing!! I was very proud of myself that I didn't buy any there and then!
I'm not sure if I would get it again though - the lemonade was a bit sweet for me, I prefer fresh lemonade to be very tart.
Like I said above I would have preferred more savoury things in the box, this might have been because I hadn't really eaten anything all day and was hungry for 'food' and in those moments I'm not up for lots of sweet things.
The mini rolls were lovely but I think the egg mayonnaise had too much mayo for me. The cupcake was lovely and so was the scone, they make about five different types of scone and I would have liked to have chosen which one I got - I'm totally bitter about Paul getting a cinnamon one!! Lol.
I got the vouchers for £9 each but apparently they are £15 normally and I'm definite that I wouldn't pay that much for it.
It was a nice idea for something different to experience but also didn't fill either of us up and we ended up getting a grilled chicken kebab later on because we were hungry!!
I'm sure it was fine though as neither of us had had lunch so I just counted the picnic as lunch and the kebab as dinner and I didn't even finish all of my kebab.

Anyways I know it wasn't bad because this week for the Lose a Marathon challenge I lost 2.3 pounds!! This puts me at my lowest weight since I started weighing myself and I'm now 13 stone so fingers crossed if I have a good week this week, I'll be into the 12 stone bracket!! My goal weight (for now) is 12 stone so I now only have one stone to lose and it feels so do-able now!!

My weekend wasn't all good though :-( My FitBit decided to die on me!! I went out for a run on Saturday morning and it hasn't worked since!! I'm gutted too because I ran my usual 5k (3.1 miles) and then I walked to the bakery and back to collect the picnic hampers which is a mile either way so that would have been another two miles and I walked up and down my six flights of stairs both when I went for my run and when I came back from the picnic. I was also on the phone to my Mum walking up the stairs and I realised I had dropped my usb key out of my pocket only once I'd gotten to the top so I walked down the stairs again re-tracing my steps to find that I'd dropped it on the ground floor lobby!! I decided to do the good thing and walk back up the stairs again! I must have been well on my way to getting my 25 floors badge on my FitBit!!
I've emailed the company and they sent me a courtesy email back but because it was the weekend I haven't heard anything yet - I'm hoping to hear soon though because I'd only had it a week but I miss it already!! I'm already at a loss that I don't know how far I've walked today!!

Also my gym is still flooded and it has been pouring down all day so I decided not to go running tonight - I really hope my gym opens soon I don't want to undo all the good stuff that's been going on recently both with my weight loss and fitness!!

Question: Any suggestions on good workouts to do at home when I can't run or go to the gym? I have a Swiss ball and a kettle bell if that helps.

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