Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Monday

Happy Monday everyone - I hope you all had a great weekend.

Mine was pretty chilled out but I was still feeling the effects from the previous weekend's swim so a chill out was what was needed.
Paul finished moving his things into my flat - he's going to be staying with me while my flatmate Amy is away travelling. I also live closer to his uni than he does too so in this last bit of time before he hands in his thesis, it'll be good for him to be close by.
It'll also be good practice for when I decide to be an adult and we move in together - there's no concrete plans for this to happen yet but I know he's the one I want to be with so it'll be nice to know that we can actually live together happily before we sign a mortgage!!

Saturday was spent with me going to do the weekly food shop and then having a clear out of the flat (with Paul moving in I've discovered that I have far too much stuff!!) and doing the usual weekly laundry before settling down to read my latest book which I'm ashamed to say is Fifty Shades of Grey (I know, I know - feel free to unfollow me after that revelation!!) To be honest it's not too bad - I've seen some comments from people saying they really don't like it but I'm not too bothered by it. It's not literary genius and I do cringe at the usual girl trying to 'fix' a guy storyline but on a sunny Saturday afternoon with the flat windows open and a cup of coffee in my hand it was just the trick.
Sunday Paul and I went into town to try and find him some new clothes in the sales. We found some jeans that fit him but were slightly too long so I'm going to look up how much it would cost to get them shortened because they were a good buy in the sales.
Sunday afternoon Paul and I made a Roast Beef Sunday Lunch with roast potatoes and vegetables - I'm ashamed (as a Yorkshire girl) that my yorkshire puddings got a bit burned, they were ok to eat but I felt like I was letting my county down by not getting them right!! They looked so bad that I didn't want to get a photo - sorry guys!!

As part of the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge I weighed in this morning and I'm annoyed to say that I've stayed the same - I know it's not a gain which is great but I'm gutted that I haven't seen a loss.
Anyhoo - today is another week and I'm REALLY going to try my best this week - it might be hard with Paul around basically because we're both as greedy as each other but I'm going to try and stay strong.
I'm at the gym tonight starting on a new exercise regime from this book
Has anyone tried this before? Any comments on it?

I can't wait to see what the next mini challenge is for the Marathon Weight Loss Challenge - last weeks was to drink enough water - I managed it for most of the weekday but then as I suspected, my water intake went down at the weekend - I found myself trying to down several pints of water just before bed on both weekend nights which I'm pretty sure isn't the idea - on the plus side I know I've been drinking a lot more water than usual and I know feel thirsty a lot more than I used to - I'm thinking that's a good thing!!

I hope every one has a good week - I'll be back for some updates on my new exercising!! Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

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  1. I know how you feel about the water. I drink a ton but that last glass or two at night is hard to get down.