Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lose a Marathon Challenge - Mini Challenge Four

This week's mini challenge is positive thinking.
It comes up so many times during the course of a weight loss journey because there are often times of self doubt
So Jess is challenging us to tackle our negative thoughts with a four step method:-

Step One: Recognize the negative thought.

"Life is no fun when I'm on a diet."
"Time for my daily punishment (workout)"
"I'll never be fast/skinny. It's just not in my genetics."
"I have absolutely no willpower."
"I'm so slow."
"I look horrible in this outfit."
"I don't have time..."
"I can't... "
 Step Two: Cancel the thought. If your inner chatter sounds like any of the above, you need to deal with it immediately to change your aura. Use a verbal command... "No! Stop it! Cancel that!"  Seriously, say it out loud.  I admit this might be odd if you're on the subway or something, but the more fiercely you attack the negativity, the better.

Step Three: Replace the negative with a positive. Analyze your initial thought and understand it in a more positive way that will assist you in reaching your goals.  Here are some examples...

"I don't need food to have social life. My friends and activities will define my fun."
 "When I finish my workout, I always feel energized and strong."
"My genetics are not my destiny. I know I can lose weight with healthier habits."
"I can better take care of my family/job/house when I first take care of myself"
"I am a work in progress. Every day will be a little bit better."
During this week's mini-challenge, dig deep into your self talk. Write down the negative thoughts that become your excuses... and then create positive counterpoints.  Practice this mental exercise every day. This may not be easy, but it will help you think more objectively about yourself and your weight loss efforts.
Step Four: Be proactive with positive self talk. Begin the day with a plan... document what you plan to do today to achieve your goals. Tell yourself you can. It's like a daily pep rally in your honor.  Grab your lipstick and write on the mirror, "I can do it!"  Make yourself a little sign each day this week with something motivational to fight negative thoughts... hang it on the fridge, post it on your car steering wheel, tape it to your computer, stick it to your television's remote control. Repeat it to yourself all day long. By using positive self-talk, you can coach yourself to the result that you're dreaming of... one day at a time.
Now I'm going to start this post by saying that this week I feel pretty great, unusually for me this week isn't one that is plagued with doubts. I've moved into a new department at work where everyone is great and very helpful, I have my boyfriend Paul staying with me so I get to see him every night, I took some work skirts to get altered because they were too big and had to have the best part of three inches taken out of each one and tonight will be the third day in a row that I'll have made it to the gym.
Life is pretty damn fine at the moment but I don't for a second believe that my mindset will stay this way so I'm going to use this week's challenge to simply be more aware of what could put me off track.

It started last night at the gym - like I've mentioned before I'm working my way through a book that was recommended to me by a friend and a lot of it is weight training. This means that I have to get into the weight pit at the gym, where all the boys tend to hang out.
A lot of things went through my head
"They'll laugh at me"
"They'll wonder why I'm there - because I'm a girl - because I'm fat"
There were multiple reasons for me not to get in there amongst them all but at the end of the day who would that be hurting? Me. 
This is something I want to achieve for myself and no one else - I want to prove to myself that I can do this without Tom beside me coz lets face it I can't afford to have him by my side all the time!! 
Tom has always believed in me - he says himself that I was his toughest client, he'd ask me to do 50 of something, I'd ask him if I could do 100 - he'd get me to run 15 minutes I'd ask to run 20
I've always been my own best pushing force I have just never seen it before.
The power of the mind is a wonderful thing and if you doubt that you will achieve something you've all but failed already because deep down you never thought you could anyway.
So this week for me is going to be full of 'I can'

After my weights workout last night I decided I wanted to go for a run but all of the treadmills were full so I got on the cross trainer and worked out for 30 minutes on there. I had my running tracks on my mp3 player and they really helped get me through my workout, there were songs on there that I haven't heard for years so it was nice to hear them again.
Now I'm wondering if someone could help me - I briefly checked the calories burnt on the cross trainer (300) but I figured I wouldn't really need to remember it because I'd just look it up on My Fitness Pal however MFP doesn't seem to have the cross trainer on it!! 
Can anyone tell me what (approx) they use to input into MFP when they've been on the cross trainer

Question: How do you banish the negative thought demons?


  1. First off I want to let you know your blog is inspiring and I enjoy reading it.

    I did the cross trainer last night and realized MFP did not have it in there as an option so I just put it in that I did the elliptical. I feel the cross trainer is more intense then the elliptical so I rather calculate under then assuming it was more.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog! I've just been and read yours and you're doing great so keep it going!!

      Thanks for that - in the end I counted the 300 I'd seen on the machine but I'll try the eliptical next time and I'll make sure I keep more of an eye on my calorie burn!!