Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess workout 1

Last night I went to the gym to try the first workout of my new exercise book (please know that I hate the name of the book, it's cheesier than a room full of teenagers after a weekend at a festival but it was recommended to me by a good friend of mine so I figured I'd give it a go)

My first workout looked like this (Rest for 60 secs between sets)

Exercise   Sets Reps
A: Squat 2 15
B1: Push up 2 15
B2: Seated Row 2 15
C1: Step-up 2 15
C2: Prone Jacknife 2 8

The B1, B2, C1 and C2 are alternating sets meaning that you do one set of B1, rest for 60 and then do one set of B2 and then go back to B1 for the second set etc (I'm not going to insult your intelligence anymore!!)

Now I know it's only the first workout and according to the book you should choose the weight according to your ability but it seemed pretty easy or should I say short. I don't know if its because I'm used to the way of thinking that you have to be in the gym for hours on end to get any results but this workout took me about 20 minutes (I didn't time my rest periods so they may not have been quite 60 seconds)
Don't get me wrong I was pretty sweaty by the end of it which can only be a good thing right? It's just weird that I wasn't pounding away on the treadmill for ages to get my heart rate up!!

The one thing I couldn't do completely was the Jackknife
Here is a YouTube video showing you the exercise if you don't know what it is
I only managed 6 each of these mainly because I don't think my stomach muscles are strong enough to keep me still on the swiss ball never mind move my legs too!!

So from the first workout... I'm still reserving judgement - If I can lose weight and get a toned figure with this amount of exercising then bring it on I'm just still in the mindset that you have to work for hours to get results.

Tonight is my rest day (as of next week I'll be using today to go for a run but tonight I need to leave early to get a new tyre on my car) and my next workout is on Wednesday so I'll share with my thoughts of that with you once I've completed it.

Once I got home, I dyed my hair (I have a ridiculous amount of grey hair for a 27 year old!! My mum turned grey at my age so I guess I'm keeping it in the family!! Thanks Mum!!) and then set about making my dinner.
I made a Parma Ham Flatbread pizza and salad and it was delicious.
I took a Warburtons Seeded Square(ish) wrap, spread it with half a tub of Tomato, Basil and Garlic Stir-In Pasta Sauce, laid three slices of Parma Ham on top and then topped it with half a ball of mozarella
It looked like this before it went into the oven
I then cooked it until the mozarella was melted and golden and topped it with a handful of rocket as it came out of the oven.
It was so delicious I couldn't even wait to take a picture - I remembered that I wanted to take a photo about halfway through eating!! I apologise!!
I put all the ingredients into MFP and it came out at 521 calories which is actually quite a lot considering you can eat half a normal pizza for that but it could be made with less calories by using a different meat (chicken or turkey would be less I reckon) and a light cheese (I used standard mozarella because I couldn't find the light stuff but I would have preferred to have used the light version. I also couldn't find a light sauce which would have made a difference too, as you can see from my plate there was quite a lot of oil coming out of the pizza and I think most of that came from the sauce.
As I'm sure you're aware the possibilities of toppings are endless - I'd like to try a red pepper and goat cheese one next because I LOVE goat cheese!!
As I said above, this particular version wasn't great on the calories but I love a thin crust pizza and this was obviously very thin and being able to eat the whole thing to myself is a novelty while trying to keep my calories in check so I'd definitely try it again but I'll take more care on the toppings next time.

Another point on food, the book the I'm taking my exercises from has a diet plan to follow (I'll admit it doesn't include pizza but I had to use up the ingredients!!) which I'm going to try to follow loosely. Its not a meal plan to follow strictly, just a guideline of what to eat (proteins, carbs etc) and in what amounts.
It all seems like common sense really, eat whole wheat instead of white, make sure you eat fresh to get the most vitamins and nutrients, eat a good amount of healthy proteins and try and get a good amount of omega oils.
So anyway, wish me luck on this - I really hope it is a good thing and I'll keep you up to date with it too. I'll let you know how it is - let me be your guinnea pig and I'll tell you whether it's worth buying the book or not :-D

In addition to the food plan the book says that you should drink a protein shake after each of the workouts which I'm wanting some advice on - I've actually bought Atkins bars to eat afterwards because I really don't like those shakes - does anyone have any suggestions for nice protein shakes? The ones I've tried so far make me feel sick but the bars are nearly 300 calories so I'd like something a bit lighter afterwards.

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