Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just Keep Running

So last night I used the first of my free passes for the super expensive and posh gym across from my office.
The gym is really lovely - I'm not sure it's very 'me' though - the gym I usually go to might be a little rough around the edges and could do with a bunch of better machines (the treadmills in this new gym have TVs on them which makes running a lot easier!!) but it's a lot like me, no pretence just down to earth. I like the rapport I've built up with the guys that work at my gym and even a good few of the people who go there. I honestly never thought I'd want to talk to anyone when I'm all red and sweaty but I do, there are a handful of guys that I say hi to on a regular basis and I like that - it's like my own little gym family.

The reason I say this is because I wimped out last night - I was meant to be doing a strength workout but there were lots of muscle men in the weights room and I chickened out of going in there and attempting my workout!
Yup I'm ashamed of myself too but it just wasn't something I wanted to do in there especially when I don't know anyone.
In my regular gym I know most of the guys who use the weights and I know that they are actually really nice guys under all their muscles and would feel fine asking them for help with anything - these guys I wasn't so sure of (there was a lot of mirror watching if you know what I mean!!)

So I decided that I would use this week at this gym to concentrate on my running. I figure as long as I'm moving and working out it won't matter that I'm taking a week off strength and I'll get right back on it when I'm back at my usual gym.
I also figured it'd be rude not to take advantage of the TV!! :-P

Now I'm not sure if the machines in this gym are in Km instead of miles because I got on the treadmill and got running and ended up doing 3.1 in 25 minutes!!
Now I will be gutted if that's actually 3.1km and not 3.1miles (5km) but then at the same time I'll be very surprised if I managed to run it in that time - I've only ever run 5k in just under 40minutes so to improve it by 15 minutes seems a bit far fetched to me!!
I'm hoping it was because I was distracted by the TV programme I was watching but the run seemed really easy last night (famous last words I'm going back again tonight and you can bet it'll be terrible!!) I even threw in 5 sets of 90 second sprints because I was feeling so good!!
I wish I had my phone with me at that point because I wanted to take a photo of the console!!

Like I said above I'm going back tonight to try and replicate last night's performance!!
I'm also going to ask at reception if they know what units the machines use (keep your fingers crossed for me that it's in miles!!)

Question: Do you find it easier running outside or on a treadmill? If you use a treadmill are you a TV or a music person?

I find running on the treadmill less scary simply because when running outside I'm terrified I'll turn my ankle on an uneven section of pavement or a curb etc whereas on the treadmill I get on, turn it to my required speed and run!!

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