Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happier than Tigger on a Trampoline

I can't believe how good I'm feeling this week!! It's really not like me but I feel great and I'm loving it!

This latest feel good feeling actually came about because of something bad...
I went to my gym last night to find it dark and locked with a sign on the door saying that the place had flooded and would be closed until further notice!! I'm not sure if I've said just how much it's been raining in the UK recently - half the country has been under severe flood warnings and month's worth of rainfall has been falling over night - its been the wettest 'Summer' I've ever known and its basically been horrid.
I'm sure the heat over in the US that I keep reading about in some other blogs I read is terrible but I've seriously dreamt about getting wet due to humidity rather than torrential frigid rain!
So my gym was the latest casualty in the rainy weather.
I was gutted - I was hoping to go to the gym every week night this week and I was looking forward to another strength session courtesy of my training book but it obviously wasn't to be so I got in my car and headed home.
It was still raining heavily last night so all thoughts of going for a run were shattered so I decided to take last night as a rest day and figured I'd get back to the gym the next day.
Then it dawned on me - The letter on the door said it would be closed until further notice.... Shit!! Of course you can't clear flooding in one night Hannah!! How silly of you to think so!!

Pretty rubbish outlook huh?
Not really, I figured I'd work something out - I enjoyed my dinner last night - stayed within my calories, watched a bit of TV, got stuff ready for work and went to bed.

Then this morning I woke up to this...
 Check out that sky!!! How gorgeous is that!!
That was enough to put a smile on my face and that grin grew even wider when I realised it meant I could go for a run tonight!! Who needs a gym with a sky like that!!
So I'm gonna lace up my running shoes and head out for a run tonight and I'll probably have even more fun jumping over all the puddles that are no doubt going to be everywhere!!

Then after that to make sure my day stayed brilliant I got an email through my work.
The gym on my business park (far too expensive normally) is giving all my company's employees (i.e. Me) three days free trial there!!
How bloody amazing - I need a gym and suddenly one appears!!

So this afternoon's task will be to ring the gym and see what I do about getting my three free days and tonight's date will be with the pavement

I hope everyone else is having a great day too :-D


  1. Great to hear everything is going so well, isn't that the best when all the stars align and it just works. YAY!

    1. Thanks!! If only I could bottle this feeling - I'd make a fortune!!

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  3. The free gym pass and the bright blue sky is a sign to not give up. Don't let minor obstacles get in your way. You can do this, and you will! Good for you.