Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back to it

I'm back - I've not posted for a couple of days, things have been a bit busy here so apologies.

So I'll get the boring bits over with and then move on to my workouts
I am moved departments in my office this week so I've been rushing around for most of the week doing handovers and trying to get my work and my filing into some sort of order that others and not just I will understand!!
On Tuesday I went to get a new tyre put on my car - Paul and I had a bit of an accident on the way to the swim that luckily only left us with a shredded tyre and soaked clothes after having to stand in the pouring rain in the middle of nowhere and change the tyre.
Unfortunately the garage I go to didn't have any of my tyres in stock so they took the damaged one from my boot and said that they would have one delivered overnight and put on my rim for me so I had to go back on the Wednesday night to get that sorted.
This meant that I not only needed to leave work early to get there before they shut, I had to forgo my scheduled training session.

I was determined to get this new training plan off to a good start so I went on Thursday night instead which I had planned to be a run / rest day but hey these things happen and I'm pretty pleased with myself that I've shuffled rather than missed my workouts - I take small victories anywhere!!

Now can I just retract my statement on a previous post that these workouts seemed pretty easy?!
I was in agony (the hurty but good muscle kind) for days after my Monday workout!! Now I'm used to a good amount of strength training from my sessions with Tom but these have managed to make me work muscles that I must not have touched before because I was hurting pretty bad!!
I'm not sure if I'm working myself too hard - I'm trying to work enough but not too much to injure myself, it's that fear of working on my own surfacing once again.
The book says to work with enough weight so that you're not absolutely corpsing by the end of the set but you're tired enough to doubt if you could do more than a couple more reps.

On Thursday night I did workout 1B which consisted of this:-
Exercise   Sets Reps
A: Dead lift 2 15
B1: Dumbbell Shoulder Press 2 15
B2: Wide Grip Lat Pull down 2 15
C1:Lunge 2 15
C2: Swiss Ball Crunch 2 8

The B1, B2, C1 and C2 are alternating sets meaning that you do one set of B1, rest for 60 and then do one set of B2 and then go back to B1 for the second set etc

The dead lifts were definitely something new that I haven't done before and I was very nervous about getting into the weights pit of the gym - the other workouts I've done used free weights or weights machines which are in the main part of the gym. The weights pit is a sunken area at the back of the gym usually filled with men! Lets just say that although the regime says to do the dead lifts at the start of the workout, I left those until last and was even thinking about not doing them altogether until I decided that this is a six month programme and I'd best get used to being in the pit with the guys now otherwise I'll never do this programme justice.
I ended up doing the two sets of 15 required and was glad to see that the guys barely batted an eye when I got in the pit!! Just proves what Tom has always said about those guys - they're more bothered about looking at themselves in the mirror than anyone else!!

Friday at work was all about moving and getting my computer moved to my new desk. I managed (I think) to get all of my handovers in order and my notes up to date - I'm only going to be on another floor in our office so I'm sure if there are any problems then they'll be able to come and speak to me.

After work I did workout 2A of my book originally written here
I'm still finding push ups very hard mainly because my gym doesn't have any boxes to enable me to do a variation of the full push up so I'm trying to do the full on proper manly push ups. I have to do 15 but end up doing three sets of five each time - I once managed to do seven but even then I'm not sure I'm bending my arms enough!! Oh well, a little is surely better than nothing isn't it?

After the workout I decided to go for a bit of a run on the treadmill - I managed a 5K in just under 40 minutes which I thought was good considering I'd done more than enough weighted squats in my workout which meant my thighs were burning when I got on the treadmill. I downloaded an app to enable me to run 10K so I plan on doing this on my rest days during the week - the book says I shouldn't really do aerobic exercise straight after the weights but I felt like I needed to get my blood pumping!!

I soon learned to regret that though because on Friday night I had my dance class and boy was it hard!! We had more than usual floor work and my thighs were burning so much after my weights training and at one point I got on the floor and seriously wondered if I could get back up again!!
It was good to be back at dance class though - the teacher, Courtney is absolutely mental and has so much energy you can't help but get caught up in it.
Update: I still have two left feet!!

Saturday started OK - I went and did the weekly food shop for Paul and I but then disaster struck about halfway through the shop, I could feel a migraine coming on! Sure enough I managed to get home and it struck, I felt nauseous and dizzy and put the frozen stuff in the freezer and then collapsed onto the sofa and covered my eyes and tried to sleep it off for a couple of hours.

Today Paul and I went for the most amazing afternoon tea! I got a voucher for Afternoon Tea for two for my Birthday from Paul's Gran and Grandpa and we tried to go last week but discovered you had to book a table so I remembered to book a table for this weekend and we weren't disappointed
We got this brought to our table...
It was absolutely gorgeous and even though I'm sure it was a million calories, it was all I had for lunch and breakfast so fingers crossed it doesn't de-rail my weight loss too much!!

After that amazing tea Paul and I needed a bit of a lie down so we headed back home to watch Andy Murray in the Wimbledon finals and I got everything ready for work tomorrow - I can't believe it's nearly Monday already!! On the plus side, with Amy away and Paul staying here full time - I don't have to say goodbye to him tonight as usual!! Yippee!!

Anyways I think I'm all caught up again - sorry for my absence from blogland!! I'll try and keep up to speed with everything a bit better!!
Sorry for the essay - have a great week and if you're in the Lose a Marathon Challenge then best of luck for your weigh in tomorrow!!

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