Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back people

Hey - I'm so sorry for being AWOL for the last few days!! Life totally got in my way and it seems like I've been on fast forward for the last week or so!!
So be prepared for a couple of thousand of blog posts today to get you all caught up.
You'll be glad to know that life didn't get in the way of my exercise or eating routine

Firstly I'm going to update you on my Marathon Weight Loss Challenge
I lost another pound!! I'm totally pleased with that!! Who wouldn't be?!
My eating has been pretty good, consisting of mainly omelettes and lean protein with salad which has been great during my hectic time because it takes no time at all to throw it together and it's healthy and filling.
My aim for next week is to continue with my weight loss - I've only lost 1.2lbs since the start of this Weight Loss Challenge so I'm not sure I'll be able to lose the half marathon I'd originally aimed to do but once again as far as I'm concerned if I lose weight I'm a winner aren't I?!
It's also Paul's birthday at the weekend and we're going out for dinner so I'm going to try and up my exercise to counter balance that meal - it's one of my self proclaimed 'special occasions' where I let myself enjoy what I want for dinner i.e. I'm going to have dessert.
The exercise shouldn't be too much of a problem though because I have The Boring Runner's Virtual 5K this Saturday!! My first 'official' 5K ever!! So excited! I'm going to make my race bib during the week and I've already got my route planned out - I've not ever run a full 5K without walking in places before but I'm really going to try and run the whole thing on Saturday!! I can't wait to read everyone's race reports!!

I've also been dancing a lot more - I started beginners ballet last week which was awesome but my calves didn't like it at all for the rest of the week!! I'm back again tonight for class number two so I'm hoping my calves get more used to the positions.
Last night I went to a stretch and tone class which was brilliant - not an energetic dance class like I'm used to but I'm hoping it'll help stretch out my ligaments a bit which in turn should help to prevent injuries. I've had a lot in the past due to torn ligaments and I think if they're a bit more supple then they'll bend and flex rather than tear?!

I also went to my street dance class on Friday night which was great fun - Courtney the dance instructor is totally mental but an amazing dancer - I dream of being able to move like her someday!! I already can't wait for Friday (for more reasons than simply because it's Friday!)

The other great thing about the dance class is that it's a mile away from my flat so I walk there and back which helps me get out and moving more plus adding an hour of dancing in the middle!!

That's a bit of an update from me - I promise it's not going to be that long before I update again!!
I know! Naughty Hannah!!


  1. First of all, props to you for losing another pound! Woot woot! It's such a great feeling when your efforts pay off. I'm really excited to do the virtual 5K this weekend too! It will be so much fun to know we are all in this together. Proud of you for already mapping out your route...what are you making your bib out of? I'm so jealous of all of these awesome dance classes you get to attend. Sounds like a great variety of workouts. I just bought the book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jogging and Running" and the author stresses the importance of stretching to prevent injury so I think you are wise to take that class to keep your ligaments loose and flexible. Enjoy Paul's birthday dinner!

    1. Thanks - I was on a bit of a weight plateau for a while and it feels so good to be losing weight again.
      I can't wait for the run, it'll be so nice knowing that there are others in it with me - my goal to run the whole thing is going to be hard but since this is a race I'm going to try my best!!
      Yeah the dance studio I've found is brilliant - there are loads of other classes I'd love to try but I just don't have enough time in my day to do all of them AND run AND work AND chill out once in a while!
      Yeah I've had loads of ligament injuries in the past when I played rugby and I'm trying to do all this to prevent further injury.
      To be honest I was just going to pin my race number on my running tank but if I have time I might think of something more creative - what are you planning on doing?
      Have a great weekend and a great run - I can't wait to hear all about your experience

    2. I definitely understand the difficulty of balancing running, other exercise, work, leisure time, etc. It's tough!! My hips have been bothering me this week. Super sore after I run to the point of not being able to fall asleep. So I am really hoping that if I rest them the next couple of days I will be all ready for Saturday's 5K! I think I might just pin it to my tank too. My running club goes all out for their runs and they get tiaras and dog tags. It's pretty hilarious. I think I may just stick with the bib :) Can't wait to hear how it all ends up!

    3. Awww I'm sorry to hear that!! That sounds terrible! Do you take Glucosamine? Its a supplement like fish oil and vitamins etc that's great for joints (fish oil is great too so if you don't already, take that too) I have arthritic joints and I take that (on suggestion from my doctor) and it really works!! You'll find tablets / liquid in any health food store