Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weigh In Day

This morning was another weigh day and I'm pleased to say I lost 4.4lbs!!

Now I know this must be an anomaly because I shouldn't be losing that much in one go and I'll be honest with you all and say that I really didn't do anything extra special to deserve that but I've also been pretty good for weeks without a loss, or a decent one at least so I'm very happy with that.

The only reason I'm a bit down is because although I'm technically not following weight watchers anymore (I've switched to counting calories instead) I still put my weight into my weight watchers table and today a message came up telling me I was losing weight too fast!! So that's put a bit of a damper on my success but like I said I haven't lost for ages while being good so I'm going to take this loss and try and keep going from here.

Although that would be me achieving my June goal number 6 of losing four pounds I'm going to wait until the end of the month (technically 3rd July) to tick that one off because I want to lose and keep off four pounds a month.
Its a good start though, I've only got two more weigh ins until then so fingers crossed I can keep up the good work!!

The cooking is also going well still - I made a spicy tomato pasta last night for dinner - I weighed out my pasta and more importantly I didn't add any more than the weight I'd decided on because 'that doesn't look enough' as I always find with pasta and rice. Yet every time I cook it and it expands like nothing else and I say to myself 'I'll not cook that much next time!!' I still pour a little extra 'just in case'
So here's to better portion control because the amount I had last night was plenty for me and the wholemeal pasta is a good one for my carb loading at the moment coming up to my swim.

The gym last night started out like it could have been a disaster - I still wasn't feeling very well and Tom was in two minds as to whether he'd let me train!! But I pushed through it all - he said I wasn't on my usual top form but I felt a lot better as the session went on.
I got a bit of a knock back when I had to stop running after only 7 minutes because I got a pain in my chest that frightened me a little, I've never experienced anything like that before so I had to slow to a walk and then when I told Tom why I was slowing down he made me stop and sit down for a couple of minutes.
He then got me doing some more boxing and ab work rather than the treadmill which I was disappointed by because I felt like I'd failed.
After I'd finished my session with Tom I was determined to get over the run disaster so I went back on the treadmill (after I'd made Tom promise that if the pain came back I'd stop!!) to run a mile. I made it in 11 minutes which I'm happy about - I'm going to try and extend this distance gradually - I want to be able to do a 5k in about 40 minutes if possible. We'll see.

After my session I briefly spoke to a girl who was starting her first session with Tom because (and I'm proud and a little bit embarrassed about this) of me!! Apparently her Dad comes to the gym and he kept telling her about 'this girl' who has lost so much weight having sessions with Tom and looks fantastic!! So all because of me she's signed up!!
I'm glad I'm influencing people in the right way, I wish her luck on her journey.
I was also quite proud of myself because while talking to this girl Tom said that I was his hardest working client!! :-) I'm such a swot but I love being top of the class!! And its nice to see that my efforts are noticed especially when, like last night, I don't have the best session.

How is everyone else's weight loss journey going?
I'm queen of the plateau then drop weight journey - my weight loss graph looks like a set of stairs!!


  1. Love this post! First you had a great weight loss and then some great compliments to go with it. Sometimes we go for a while and don't lose even when we are doing everything right. If we're consistent, we'll sometimes be rewarded with a big loss like you were. Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thank you very much - I know you shouldn't base absolutely everything on the number on the scales especially being a woman (monthlys) and working out so much (muscle vs fat) but its the easiest way to see progress and when that doesn't happen its easy to get down about it - at least it seems to be going the right way now!!