Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weigh In Day

So it's Tuesday - which means that I weighed myself this morning
And here is the result
Last Week - 187.3lbs
Today - 186.7lbs

Meaning a loss of 0.6lbs What the *&£$^%&"!!!

Seriously!! Really!!
Maybe I can't get away with eating a Snickers bar AND lose weight just yet.
The bread I had for dinner might be a factor too but I thought I'd done enough exercise to counterbalance that because I really want to be able to make this losing weight thing stick and if I totally rule out certain foods I can't help thinking I'll end up either binging or when I reach my goal weight and start eating them again, I'll put on weight because my body isn't used to it!! Gutted.
I'll admit that my body tends to keep hold of bread (It loves it as much as I do) so its not great for weight loss so I do tend to stay away from it as a rule so hopefully I'll see better results next week if I'm a good girl with my diet and exercise

Don't get me wrong a loss is a loss and I'm happy with that but considering my weight can fluctuate by 3lbs just during the day, a loss of less than 1lb in a week is a bit disappointing!!

Question for you: How do you deal with a disappointing weight loss? Are there any foods that you have to avoid if you want a good loss in a week?

Oh well - onwards and upwards I suppose

Have a good day / week everyone


  1. I hate to be the one to say it and I mean it in the nicest possible way BUT it is really hard to counterbalance less than optimum food choices with exercise. That said, it is really good that you do get in a lot of exercise. I have a problem getting in exercise because I procrastinate and do other things until my time is gone. :(

    1. I know, I know - I'm pretty good at my food choices during the week while I'm at work - I sometimes think I'm going to turn into a lettuce with the amount of salad I eat(no dressing btw)!! It's on the weekend that I slip off the wagon slightly sometimes and I figured it's better to have done some exercise and THEN eat the chocolate rather than just eat the chocolate - lesson learned I'll try not to do it again. Thanks for the advice too - much appreciated. Love your blog BTW - I'm just going to read from the beginning :-D

    2. Thank you, Hannah, for your positive response to my comment. As soon as I hit "Publish" I regretted it. You really have done so well and I'm sure you already knew what I was saying was true. Keep up the good work. None of us stay on plan all the time and I love a Snicker's bar as much as anyone. :)

    3. Och really don't worry about it - I got to this weight by being 'too good to myself' and sometimes a friendly reminder of what you should be doing is needed. And that Snickers was soooo good I didn't regret one bite of it!

  2. Wonderfull. Have you ever used any herbal weight loss pills in your weight loss journey.