Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tiredness

I am so tired today!!
I think the weekend is finally catching up with me and the adrenaline is leaving my body so I'm on a bit of a slump today.
That and the disappointing realisation when I woke up this morning that it wasn't actually Wednesday!!

Last night I decided (like a mad woman) to go to the gym - I felt like super woman after my swim and felt like I could take on the world!! I also decided to get straight back on the wagon and get to the gym without letting myself slip under the pretence of 'having a rest after my swim'. I know me and I know that that particular 'couple of days off' would very quickly turn into a couple of weeks!!

I also needed to get back into the gym ASAP because it is the start of my time without Tom and I figured I'd try my best to workout on my own.

So I headed to the gym after work and got straight on the treadmill for a mile long run to warm up - I managed an 11 minute mile easier than usual - I didn't even have my mp3 player on!! I used my weekend's race as motivation - every time I thought I was getting tired or felt like I couldn't keep going - I thought about my swim and figured if I could do that I could do another 5 minutes on the treadmill. And it worked!!
I then headed over to the chest press machine to work on my arms for a bit - I think my shoulder needs a bit of strengthening so I'm hoping that will do it.
I then did some weighted squats with 20kg on each side - I might be going a bit too heavy there but I managed three sets of 10 so I was pleased with myself.
After that I decided to do some ab work - I took an 8kg kettle bell and did three sets of thirty sit ups (the usual kind) I then did three sets of 15 twisting sit ups (you sit up about halfway and twist your body to each side before lying back down again - the kettle bell stays held to your chest for both of these exercises)
I then did three sets of 15 lifting sit ups, this is where I lie on the floor and lift the kettle bell up above me until my arms are straight and then complete a sit up and then bring the kettle bell back to my chest when I'm lying back down again.
After that I went onto the rope machine and did three minutes of constant rope climb on the heaviest setting the machine had - my arms were pretty much done after that!!
I went back on the treadmill after that and ran for 1.5 miles
I really want to get my running up - as you probably know from my 30 before 30 goals I'd like to run a 5k, 10k and a half marathon so I'm going to try and push myself to run further each time I go to the gym.

It was very weird in the gym - I felt like I worked out, I was certainly sweating more than I'd like to in public  but I also felt a bit lost - I didn't know what to do next and I felt like everyone else in the gym knew that I didn't know what I was doing!! Which is ridiculous but it's how I felt. I don't think I realised just how much I went into auto pilot when I had my sessions with Tom! Doh! Should have paid more attention!!

Anyway today is another day and I'm going to take it as a rest day - my muscles are aching from last night and the weekend and I think it'll be beneficial to rest. I'm not sure how I'll feel tonight - I may get jumpy from not exercising and feel guilty for not doing so - especially after going to the gym and swimming non stop for what seems like months!!

Week two has started on my Lose Half a Marathon Challenge and I'm going to try my best to have a good result this week.
I'm back on properly planning my food on MFP user name hannahsmith1985 if you want to add me as a friend
Porridge and an apple for breakfast
Chicken Salad an apple and two Celebrations for lunch
An apple for my afternoon snack
I'm not sure what to have for dinner - I'm thinking a veggie burger and salad but I may change my mind.

The weather seems to have turned around again here in the UK - especially after all the rain this weekend, it's definitely not warm here but it's warmer than it was, if that makes any sense! I'm feeling like I want more fruit in my life - I might go to the supermarket and see what is available, I've been eating nothing but apples for months which I love but I'd like to be eating berries with Greek yogurt and maybe a cheeky meringue nest crushed into it, strawberries with a small scoop of frozen yogurt, even pomegranate seeds in some cous cous with grilled lamb - mmmmm I'm making myself hungry now! I may need to pop to the supermarket tonight for dinner too, the veggie burger can wait!

The mini challenge for the MWLC this week is to make sure to drink the right amount of water - using a calculator Jess gave on her newsletter I worked mine out to be 108 imperial Oz so I'm going to try and make sure I drink plenty this week. During the week I find it quite easy to get my water in, I have a litre mug at work that I make sure I drink at least two of while at work (70 imperial Oz in total) that means that I only have to drink two pint glasses (20 imperial Oz each - totaling 40 Oz) at home - I'll admit that I always drink one pint glass of water at home but I need to up my efforts to get that extra pint glass in before bedtime.

Any ideas for a marinade for lamb steaks to go with cous cous or even in a wholemeal pitta bread with some salad and Greek yogurt?

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