Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ooooof my shoulders

So yesterday was a bit more than hectic - at least it'll give me an opportunity to truly appreciate my long weekend ahead!
I went to work as usual on Friday morning, ran around like a headless chicken trying to get my work out to our document control on time and even managed to squeeze in a meeting along the way.
I finish early on a Friday (2pm yey!!) so I headed straight to the pool for a swim in the hopes that there wouldn't be any swimming lessons on in the lanes or lots of people in the main part of the pool. I got there at just after half two and luckily there were about four people in the pool and no one in the lanes. There were also no swimming lessons planned for that afternoon either, I checked at reception.
So I got in the pool ready to make the most of the space in the water and set off on my two mile stint.
I managed it in 1 hour 19 mins which isn't much of an improvement on my last attempt at two miles but I think I might have to concede that 1 hour 20 mins ish is my time, I'm not sure I can swim any faster than that.
I still have three weeks until the swim and I plan on being in the pool most nights to keep my mileage up. If my shoulders keep up that is!!
After I got out of the pool the aches hit me - my shoulders burned from the swim and to add to that I had dance class!!
So after I rushed home, quickly dried my hair and chucked my dance stuff in a bag, I rushed back out again to dancing which was loads of fun if not a bit of a fast routine this week - I'm still not what I or anyone would call a dancer by any means but I've only been three times and I enjoy it so I'm going to keep going.
After dancing I met up with Paul to go and grab some dinner (we had a burrito yummy) and then go to the movies to see Men in Black Three which I thought was great!

And now I'm sitting on my sofa watching Notting Hill after a day of clearing out my bedroom and re-organising things and looking forward to having another three days off!! God Bless the Queen!!

Have a great weekend everyone

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