Friday, June 15, 2012

One Week to Go!!

This time next week I will have arrived at Lake Windermere and will probably be looking for the registration desk to go and sign in for my wave.
My race is due to start at 3pm so I'll then probably have a couple of hours to hang about and get even more wound up and anxious check out the course and eat something small and full of energy probably a Snickers banana.
Then I'll go to the changing area and struggle into the worlds smallest wetsuit and get into the acclimatisation pool, a section of the lake cordoned off so that you can get in and get used to the water temperature.
Then I'll line up with all the other idiots swimmers, get a pep talk from someone far fitter than me, the hooter will go and I'll run into the water...

Wish me luck!!

I'm going to swim one of my last full distance swims in the pool this afternoon when I'm finished with work and then go for my dance class so that'll definitely keep me tired busy.
After that I'll go home and eat some dinner and wait for Paul to arrive - he's being a very busy bee at the moment writing his PhD and because he's being a super supportive boyfriend he's giving up next weekend to be with me for the swim so I probably won't expect him home until late.

The Saturday and Sunday will be my final two full distance swims (muscle condition dependent - if I'm tiring I'll not push myself too hard this close to the event) and I'm going into town on Saturday with my flatmate Amy to get my hair cut!! Its been absolutely ages since I got my hair cut and because of the amount I've been in the pool it currently feels like and resembles straw so a good treatment and trim will hopefully do it the world of good.

Anyways - that's me for now
I hope you all have a great weekend - anyone up to anything special or exciting?


  1. Good luck with the final training and the actual race. I am not very competitive so it all sounds scary to me. I hope you do VERY well. :)

    1. Thanks - I'm not really that competitive either only with myself but I do need an aim to keep me working out otherwise I can't seem to work out why I'm doing it all, like when you're hungry and suddenly doing to the cupboard, opening the biscuit tin, picking one and unwrapping it seems quicker than going to the fruit bowl and picking up an apple!! Sometimes I'm just not that clever!!