Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On a brighter note...

June Goal Number 1 - Done!!

Last night when I was at the gym Tom got me on the treadmill to work on my running stamina which in turn should help with my endurance and considering I've got a two mile swim coming up very soon a bit endurance wouldn't go amiss!!

Anyway he wanted me to run / jog (I'm not sure what my pace qualifies as) until I got to 15 minutes and it was only as I was thinking how pleased I was to have reached 3/4 mile without stopping to walk that I remembered that I'd set myself this very goal for June.
I'd only been running for about 9 minutes so I knew I'd make it to the mile marker before the 15 minutes was over but then I panicked, I didn't have my phone on me to document this occasion!!
Luckily Tom came to the rescue because he had his phone in his pocket and he managed to take a photo (on a bit of weird angle due to the fact that I was still running at the time) at just after I reached the mile marker!! Yippee

So here it is as proof of my achievement
1 mile
Like I said the angle isn't the best but I'm hoping you can see that it says
Distance: 1.01 miles
Time: 12.11 mins

A 12 minute mile isn't bad is it?
I'm quite pleased with it anyway - I'm hoping to be able to run a 5K at some point and I think I'd be happy with that kind of pace for my first attempt as long as I can keep that pace for another 2 miles!! That's the big question.

I'm even more pleased with this because this run was AFTER a harrowing set of boxing, sit ups and medicine ball work so I wasn't as fresh as a daisy lets put it that way.

I might now have to add an outside mile to my June goals because I find running outside harder than on the treadmill so it's something else to push for.

Interestingly enough my trousers didn't fall down when running on the treadmill!! I don't know why they feel the need to when in the presence of lots of the general public (believe me it's not something anyone wants to see especially early on a weekend morning!!) maybe its the slightly different motion between running on the road to the treadmill? Hmmmm I'm sure it'll remain one of life's mysteries!!
I got an email from the company I bought my attempt three of non fally downy new trousers from last night to say that they have been dispatched so I'm hoping to have them by the weekend and I'll hit the streets again and hope my worries of being arrested for indecent exposure are a thing of the past.

Oh and I told Tom about my Snickers run (I try and keep secrets from him like that because he makes me work harder as punishment but he's just so nice I end up blabbing anyway!!) thinking I'd be praised for working out to gain my treat? Nope!! He said I should have eaten my Snickers before my workout because they're great for energy which would have resulted in a better workout!!
But lets face it, if I'd already eaten my prize before going on a run, the said run wouldn't have happened. Humph - sometimes you just can't win!!

Anyways I'm off again
H x

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