Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm calling this Day One

As the title suggests I've decided to start again and start again today
I haven't been the best at logging my calories recently and although I've managed (somehow) to wangle a weight loss this week I know I can't rest on my laurels and assume that this will continue.

I was annoyed with myself for yesterday - I took the day off work and although the emphasis was on chilling out and relaxing, it wasn't going to be a day off from exercising, I had the best of intentions to go for a run AND a swim but I'm ashamed to say that I didn't do either :-(
Not only that, I ate more than I should have yesterday - that's what sitting on the sofa doing not much will do to me - without exercise its a downward spiral to eating junk and being lazy - lesson learned, I'll not be doing that again!

So today is a new day and it's going to be different.
I'm also going to put up a goals page to show what I want to achieve each month in the hopes that it will keep me motivated and give me something new to aim for each month.

To start my new day / month / life I got up this morning and ran the 1.25 miles to my local supermarket, I needed a few things and decided instead of taking the car I would run. I tried to run back but couldn't quite make it too far without walking with all my shopping in my bag on my back but still walking home is better than driving home. My plan is to also go for a swim this afternoon to make up for missing it yesterday and also because my swim is still creeping scarily close!!

The only thing I need to remember for next time is to not be hungry when going around the supermarket! It was hard to not grab something naughty when I was tired from my run and my stomach was rumbling!!

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