Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm back

Hi guys,

It's been a couple of days since my last post and I'm sorry about that - I blame a hectic work and training schedule for it but I'm back now I promise!!

It's taken a while to get over my weigh in to be honest - I think my head is a bit clearer now that I've had time to think it over. It might require a bit of a change around with regards to my calorie intake but I'm back to being positive and also after looking at my weight chart I discovered that I'm at my lowest weight right now which is heartening. So even though it was a tiny weight loss it was a worthwhile loss so I'm going to keep plodding on.

I've also started cooking on an evening again - cooking for myself every night can get a bit boring and time consuming sometimes and with the amount of time I've been training after work I don't get in until late. Then the last thing I want to be doing is slaving over a stove so I've been eating weight watchers or tesco light choices ready meals, quick and easy to calculate calories - perfect huh? Ermm not really, they're OK but I find that I'm hungry quite quickly afterwards and I love cooking and most of the time they really don't taste all that great either.

You see contrary to my blog's title the main thing that got me to the size I was was portion size. I'm originally from Yorkshire in England and I am what you would call 'a typical Yorkshire lass'. Basically I love my food.
As a child my Mum always cooked everything from scratch, good healthy food, grilled chicken and vegetables, pork chops and veg, boiled potatoes, fish etc - by no means was my Mum cooking frozen food or giving us takeaway - we weren't allowed to go to McDonald's or places like that as young children and then as teenagers when we got a bit more freedom I even chose NOT to go - I've never really seen the attraction to it - I can make a much tastier burger from mince myself anyways.
Don't get me wrong - I'm not perfect, there were plenty of drunken nights at university where I ended up in a kebab shop or burger place and I love an Indian or Chinese takeaway but in general I'd rather make my own food or go out to a nice restaurant for dinner.

No - my main problem was portions - I ate as much if not more than my Dad who was a joiner by trade and outside all day doing a very physical job and I could match him on plate size.

I have a sweet tooth too - hence the blog name - but I would still prefer to be full than eat loads of junk food for example - on good home cooked food.

So when I decided enough was enough with regards to my weight, the first thing I knew I needed to get a handle on was portion size - It's still a battle for me but I'm trying to realize what different portions look like and also to recognize when I'm full. I try to eat more slowly and appreciate what I'm eating. Recently I forgot that and was eating those ready meals for the sake of speed and to eat something.

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with them and technically they allowed me to stay within my calorie limits without much thought but at the same time it's not a way I want to live - I want to enjoy food in a healthy and balanced way - everything in moderation.

I also want to say that the main thing for me in this journey is fitness and health.
I need to lose weight in order to be truly healthy but weight loss is and should be the result of leading a healthy life. Now I know for sure that I'm fitter than I have ever been before and even more than that I've embraced exercise into my life and I've found that I ENJOY it!! Get that!!

And so...
To cut a very long story short - the weight loss will come - I might hit a few bumps along the road but I'll get there in the end and I'll stay that way because I've fought so hard for it but mainly I'll be a healthier, fitter woman.

Pep talk over

Oh actually one more thing I should tell you, something I was proud of...
Today I had a lunchtime meeting, one where food was provided. It can vary but it's usually sandwiches, pasties, salad and crisps that sort of thing but today can you guess what it was?...
Pizza!!! Are you freaking kidding me - doesn't anyone know I'm on a diet!!!
Anyways - I managed to sit there smelling it for the whole hour without taking even one single piece!! How's that for restraint!!

Now I'm done
Have a great weekend


  1. Super job on not eating the pizza. That works for me too. One bite and I'm off and running and eating three or four slices. Ugh.

    You mentioned the WW frozen meals which are really high in sodium. My leader is always warning us not to eat those before a weigh in. Still, once in a while they do come in handy when we're pressed for time. :)

  2. Thanks - I'm even more glad because the guys at work said it wasn't even very nice pizza and I'd have been gutted to waste those calories on crappy food - if I'm going to 'lose' a chunk of my daily allowance it's going to be the best food I can find.
    Ahhh thanks for that info - I haven't checked the sodium values on ready meals - I just assumed that being a weight watchers product, they would be good for you?! I'll bare that in mind in the future.