Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Monday!!

Hiya Guys - I hope everyone is having a good Monday and not suffering too much with the back to work blues!!

My weekend was such a good one I'm not even too bothered about being stuck in work again because I have happy memories of what has just been.

After my run-swim-run-snickers on Saturday I went back to my flat and pottered about a bit tidying up while Paul was at uni doing some work.
My flatmate also gave me a set of her running capris to try on to see if they fell down or not. I tried them on and felt a bit silly 'jogging' in the hallway to see if they fell down!! Oh well, there was no one there to see me.
They seemed to stay up fine so I looked online to see if I could find any in my size - even if I only have one pair to run in, I can use the rest of my work out stuff in the gym because they seem to stay up OK in there thank goodness!! I found some for only £12 so I ordered a pair and they should arrive in a couple of days - lets hope my quest for trousers that don't fall down is over!!

When Paul got back from uni we decided to go out for the dinner for our anniversary that got missed because of my migraine. I picked a place called Persia in Glasgow that we hadn't been to before and I'm glad we went, it was lovely.
We shared some hummus and naan bread for starter and then I had a chicken and lamb grill for mains
It was delicious - I managed the meat but couldn't finish the tomatoes and I tried to not eat too much of the rice - I'll admit to having a little bit though but all in all I think it was a pretty healthy dinner - it made me wish I had some outside space at my flat to be able to have barbecues. Oh and some nice weather in Glasgow would be nice too!!

On the Sunday Paul and I headed to Glasgow University because they are having a Science Festival at the moment and Sunday had zoology exhibition on.
There were a lot of stuffed animals there that I'll admit disturbed me somewhat - there were baby animals in that mix too which I didn't really like either - but they seemed quite old so I'm assuming that nothing had been killed for stuffing recently.
As part of that there was also a presentation by a local rescue centre to try and tell people a bit more about the animals that people are generally scared of.
He had giant hissing cockroaches, giant millipedes, a tarantula, a bird eating spider, a scorpion, a blue tongued skink, a bearded dragon and two different kinds of python.
It was really interesting actually - I learnt a few different things. For example did you know that scorpions glow under UV light? And that giant millipedes excrete iodine when they feel threatened? They do that because it doesn't taste very nice to animals but if you find yourself in the jungle with a cut, if you find a giant millipede and rub it on your cut it'll help it to heal!! Fascinating!

At the end of the presentation we were even allowed to touch the python and skink which was amazing, the snake felt a lot softer than I thought it would.
Alfie the Skink  -sorry about the orientation!
Sam the Python - sorry about the orientation!
It was a great day and that with walking into the city centre to get a few things from the shops meant that I did a lot of walking too so I'm hoping that'll keep me on the right track even though I didn't do any 'scheduled' exercise - fingers crossed for Tuesday weigh in!!

Sunday night Paul and I stayed in and made some dinner, chicken and salad and some more hummus and pitta bread (Paul had gotten a taste for it!) and we watched Bridesmaids on DVD and I got ready for work the next morning, making lunches, getting clothes ready etc.
Paul's trains were cancelled due to works on the line so that meant that I got him staying over for an extra night!! :-D he usually goes home on a Sunday evening so I was a happy bunny.

And now I'm in work which is less hectic than it has been recently which is nice and I'm back on my porridge and chicken salad in terms of eating.

I also have a session with Tom tonight which will be good because I missed a whole week of it last week due to public holidays and migraines. After that I'm going to go for a swim - less than two weeks until the Great North Swim!! Very nervous!!

Have a good week - wish me luck for my weigh in tomorrow morning!!


  1. Ugh pants and underwear that fall down when you run have to be my biggest peeve. I hate going on a long run only to battle the demon that is my pants down around my knees, and it's worse if it's your knickers. Seriously, it's not funny :D
    Glad you found some, it makes a huge difference!

    1. I know its terrible isn't it!! It sounds like such an excuse when you say 'I couldn't run because my trousers kept falling down'
      I'm still reserving judgement on the new ones - my hallway in my flat isn't too long so my 'practice' run in my flatmate's pair may not be an adequate representation of real life. Yep I have the same problem with knickers too, they should invent some form of braces for those of us that have this particular cross to bear!!