Friday, June 29, 2012

Eat for Britain Thursday and Happy Friday

Do you ever have one of those days where you eat and eat and never seem to get full?

I did yesterday and it made me feel so down in the dumps - especially since I found myself with a spoon and this jar
It's delicious but I daren't even look at how many calories it is - I also couldn't because I have no idea how much I ate. I know I need to learn to be more accountable but I just don't want to look at the weight of what I ate because I'm pretty sure I'll feel sick with myself!!

I'm even more annoyed with myself because I was going to go to the gym last night but I managed to convince myself otherwise which in turn meant I was home for longer which meant I ate even more!! Damn you brain - sometimes I could really fall out with you!!

But anyways, today is another day and I'm going to try and do all I can to make up for yesterday's catastrophe. I'm sticking with my usual breakfast - porridge with a scoop of peanut butter (I've only recently discovered putting PB into my porridge and boy do I wish I'd done it sooner - Its delicious!! Plus I've heard it helps me get lots of the right oils into my diet along with a good boost of protein - bonus)

I'm about to eat an apple for my mid morning snack - I used to have it with my breakfast but since adding my teaspoon of PB into my breakfast, most days I'm not hungry for an apple after my porridge so I save it for around half ten in the morning and I eat it then instead!
I'm totally going to continue adding it to my porridge - for only 30 calories I figure you can't go wrong!!
Oh and BTW I make sure its the organic, no added sugar kind too so I don't throw my blood sugar out of whack (my Dad has recently been diagnosed with diabetes - we were very shocked because he's the most active, healthiest, cleanest living guy I know so I'm more aware of blood sugar than ever!!)

Then for lunch I'm going to have my chicken salad and another apple and then I'm definitely heading to the gym this afternoon after work before I meet up with Paul to go to the cinema - yey!!

I was also going to share some photos with you of my awesome dinner on Wednesday night (I was doing so well with my healthy, home cooked eating before last night!!)
So here it is

Lamb marinaded with a drizzle of olive oil, lime juice (I didnt have a lemon), chili flakes, garlic and paprika and then grilled
I actually used lamb chops here because my supermarket didn't have lamb steaks - I cut them off the bone and bashed them out a bit to flatten them - next time I'll try and get steaks simply because it's less fiddly.

I served the lamb with roasted vegetables (courgette, aubergine, red onion and cherry tomatoes) and salad (lettuce and cucumber for a bit of freshness and crunch) and some feta cheese (since I was going down the Greek route)
I then made up some of my own tzatziki (I'm not sure how you spell it!!) with some fat free greek yogurt, lime juice and mint and made myself a wrap with a seeded wholemeal wrap.
The lamb was pretty spicy from the chilli flakes so the yogurt dressing really hit the spot to counteract that. It was delicious and I'd definitely make it again - and if I had lamb steaks instead of chops it wouldn't take too long to prepare either. Put the lamb in the marinade and roughly chop the veggies for roasting, lightly drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and then roast until done (sorry I'm not a very accurate chef and don't tend to look at things like clocks when I put things in the oven so I never know how long things have been in for - ask Paul it drives him crazy!!)
I then chopped my lettuce and cucumber and feta to put on my plate, put a couple of spoons of the greek yogurt into a bowl with the chopped mint and garlic, gave it a stir and its done!!

And after that ramble I'm going to leave you in peace to get on with your Friday - I hope you all have a great weekend, good luck to everyone taking part in the MWLC for your Monday weigh in!!!

Han x

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