Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day Two

Last night I managed to get in a one mile swim to add to my run earlier that morning - I'm pleased that I made myself go to the pool last night and the mile seemed to go by pretty quickly.

After the unusually long weekend I'm now back at work and boy did the alarm hurt this morning!! It's amazing how easily I can get out of my routine when I want to.
I've got a mild headache today which isn't improving my mood of 'first day back' but its probably due to having to get up and go to work so I'm hoping it doesn't turn into a migraine - I could do with not having to take more time off work!
Other than that I'm glad to be back at work - my eating and exercise routines are always easier when I'm at work, when I'm off I tend to eat more than I should. As yesterday's post proved!!

I have the gym tonight with Tom which should be good hard. I just hope the time off hasn't set my fitness back too much!

Breakfast today was porridge and I'm currently munching my way through a homemade chicken salad and then I'll have an apple. In addition to this to try and sort out my headache I'm making sure I drink plenty of water.

My goal for this week is to lose a pound - wish me luck!!

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