Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I really don't want to write this post but I have to, I'm feeling pretty crappy at the moment work is pretty mental and I've let it get the better of me.

But before I go into mega whinge I'll tell you about my weekend which was actually pretty good.
The weather stayed brilliant all weekend so I tried to spend as much of it outside as possible. I went into Glasgow city centre on Saturday to have a look at some clothes, the ones I've got a getting pretty tatty and are a bit too big if I'm honest and I also needed to take some clothes back that didn't fit.
After I did that I did a bit of window shopping more to be out in the sunshine than to actually buy anything.
On Sunday Paul and I went to visit his grandparents and then made ourselves a barbecue.
We marinated some chicken thighs in a spicy coating, cooked sausages and made our own burgers using minced beef. Then we made a simple salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and peppers to go with the barbecued food. Dessert was fresh strawberries and ice cream - All in all a pretty nice way to spend a lazy Sunday.

And now onto the whinge...
Monday at work was a disaster, one of my projects turned out to have lots wrong with it and I'm trying to compile it for issue at the moment which meant that yesterday was pretty stressful, so much so that I got kept back discussing things with colleagues and missed my PT session with Tom!
I'm going to make it up on Wednesday but I'm annoyed I was so late that I couldn't get my session done.
I tried to go to the pool to make up for it but there were swimming lessons on in the lanes and the rest of the pool was packed with people consisting of lots of kids playing with inflatable balls and I just knew that in the mood I was in, I'd just get more and more annoyed trying to get around people. So I gave it a miss and went home.
I was still trying to switch off from work, trying not to think over everything that needed to be done to be able to get my project out the door.
I was also really tired, from work and from the night before. I got woken up by a nightmare - I haven't had nightmares for years so it freaked me out more than it really should have done. It was about my swim, I dreamt that I had to be rescued by some divers because I found myself in the middle of the lake not able to move or keep myself above water! It must be because the swim is scarily close because I had the same dream again last night. I'm going swimming no matter what tonight so I'm hoping that will ease my fears!

The other thing that annoyed me was I let food get the better of me last night, I craved chocolate as a comfort to my bad day and general state of being and I let myself eat it - gutted.

So the scales this morning showed a 3lb gain, gutted again but I know why so I'm hoping I can rectify it in the next couple of weeks and be back on track with both my training and my eating.
I'm trying to not let it get me down and keep going.

Sorry for the crappy post
Have a good week.

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