Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sunday Cycling

First proper post here.
On Sunday my boyfriend Paul and I decided to to go Loch Katrine, hire bikes and cycle round the Loch. There is some beautiful scenery just a short drive away from Glasgow and I'm glad the weather is turning so that I can get outside more and appreciate it.
It felt so good to be out and doing something active - I had been ill with a cold last week and so my training sessions at the gym stopped and I surrounded myself with tissues. Luckily I think its over for me and I can get back into my training for my swim, I've just over six weeks to go so I'm hoping I don't get ill again to put me back! I also tore a tendon in my left calf about two months ago so had to keep off it for six weeks or so, doing nothing more than some physio to aid recovery so I'd not been able to run or do much else with my legs which was frustrating.
But my leg seems to have recovered or is at least on the way so my trainer Tom has let me go back on the treadmill for short periods which makes me happy. I know, I actually said that, you weren't imagining it!! But even Tom said he'd never seen a bigger smile on someones face when they were told they were going on the treadmill as part of one of our sessions!! I even surprise myself sometimes these days!!
So anyway, I figured cycling would be a good way to exercise and test out my calf at the same time.
The cycle around the Loch is a good one, not too hilly for me to die early on but with enough hills to test you and then on the other side, enjoy the downhills and a chance to relax the legs for a little bit.
As you can see from the pictures too, the view is fantastic so your legs don't seem to bother you as much.
That little white speck is the Loch Katrine ferry which travels from the Trossachs Pier to the Stronachlachar pier which are 12.5 miles apart, a handy thing to know if you've cycled from one pier to another and your legs have given up!!
This photo looks moody and I would say typically Scottish but it was actually really nice weather for cycling, not too sunny to get too hot and only a wee bit of drizzle in places but not enough to make you wet and grumpy.
We even saw some Highland Cows

And this one isn't very clear but they were baby Highland Cows there too!
And this was my mode of transport for the afternoon
Technically this was Paul's bike but I thought his looked better leaning against the rock than mine that I'd unceremoniously dumped on the grass!! We had rented them anyway so they were practically identical.
We only rented the bikes for four hours and were conscious of the fact that we had to get back so we guessed that we were only a couple of miles away from the other pier when we set off to go back again so I'm going to guess that we rode 20 miles in total. For me who hasn't ridden for just under a year and for years before that one weekend, I was quite pleased with myself. I'm not sure of my pace and how comparable it is but like I said the trip was hilly and if nothing else was a lovely way to spend a sunny Scottish afternoon doing something outside and a bit different.

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