Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer is here!!

It was an absolutely glorious day yesterday in Glasgow - the first of many I hope but then again I do live in Scotland!!
I love it when the weather turns and last night was brilliant, I was outside in just a t-shirt and the air smelled warm. I'm hoping you know what I mean by that because I love that smell!!

I was ready for it to get a bit warmer. We've had a pretty mild winter in Scotland this year to be honest but it seems to have gone on forever! I was just about getting sick of being cold and low and behold, the weather picks up and its nice and warm, just what I needed! :-)

Last night was another session with Tom and boy did it hurt!! He had me working constantly for just over half an hour at full intensity.
We're trying to improve my stamina ready for the swim in a few weeks so he got me doing boxing, kick boxing, high knees, lunges, crunches and work with the medicine ball all one after the other a full speed. I honestly thought I was going to die!
Then as if that wasn't enough he got me running on the treadmill for twenty minutes - actually it was a ten minute run, five minute walk and then a five minute run but I still managed to average a 12 minute mile which is pretty standard for me - my next goal in the running department is to be able to sustain that for 3 miles (i.e. a 5k) to be able to complete one in just over half an hour - It'll come I know it will I've just got so much else on with dance class and my swim coming up I'm not going to add another stress to myself just yet!!

The good weather should hopefully mean I can get outside and jog more there although I actually quite like the treadmill now. I used to hate it but now I've gotten over the fear of falling off it or getting caught in the conveyor belt I tend to just switch off. If Tom is there with me we'll have a chat or if he's not I'll put my mp3 player on and listen to music or an audio book and the time seems to fly by.

It sounds silly but I'm so proud of myself to even say that! I never thought I'd be able to do anything like that, never mind find it therapeutic!!

The gym was absolutely boiling last night though - they seriously need to think on improving their air con! The worst part is that the front of the gym is all glass but none of the panes open so you can't get any cool air into it apart from leaving the door open, which they did.
It didn't help!

After the gym I went to view a flat - it was nice but not for me, there were too many things I'd want to do to the place to make it how I'd want it and the price of it in the first place wouldn't allow me to do that.
So the search continues, I'm not in any hurry though - I'm on a rolling contract with my current rental flat and I like where I live and my flatmate Amy so I'm going to take my time and find the right place.

Swimming is on the cards tonight - I'm going to try and make this my long swim (aim for two miles to hit my distance but I'd like to do three to make sure I can swim for a decent length of time without tiring)
So I'll see how that goes for me, I'm just going to swim and see how far I get!!

How is the weather where you are? What do you do when working out to keep cool on a hot day?

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