Monday, May 21, 2012

Naughty Naughty

I've not been the best at my diet recently - firstly there was my Birthday where Paul took me out for dinner and I also ate birthday cake and then after dance class on the Friday Paul and I halved a pizza (755 calories for a half - I made sure I counted that in my calorie counter)
Then after that things got a bit hazy - not in what I ate, I know exactly what I have eaten, I just haven't been counting it :-S
I'll admit I was kidding myself about what I've been eating but I'm going to try not to let it get me down and get back on track today. On the other hand I had a great weekend with friends and I'm not going to let anything put a dampener on that either.
Paul's uni friend Matt is moving back to America soon and Paul and Matt have an unhealthy obsession with milkshake and are constantly trying to find the best one in the UK and seeing as Matt is heading away soon, the deadline to find the hallowed milkshake was getting pretty near.
There is a place on a motorway that makes amazing milkshakes, its only a wee diner but well worth a visit so that's what we did on Saturday, we drove to the diner and got burgers and milkshake, a fitting Au revoir to Matt I think. I had the chocolate peanut butter milkshake and don't regret a single mouthful. I was going to take a picture of the shakes and food but seeing as this is meant to be a fitness / diet journal I didn't think me being a greedy pig would be a good advertisement.
Sunday was slightly better, Paul and I went into town to do a bit of shopping and then went home to make an early dinner, fajitas not too bad on the calories and spicy and tasty, just what I like.
When I weighed myself this morning I haven't put any weight on, I haven't lost any either but I'm pretty pleased with being able to do what I've done for my birthday and keep my weight in check.
My next cause for concern is my training for my swim - I should have gone swimming at the weekend but in all honesty I didn't want to and I know that if I'd forced myself to go I'd have either got annoyed with myself or not done as much as I should have done so although I'm disappointed with myself, I'm not too angry. I made those decisions and stand by them.
I have four weeks until my swim and it just means I need to up the anti on my training - its strange how since I've lost weight I've found lots of sports I enjoy doing, running being the main one and I'm surprised at how much I dislike swimming now but I'm doing this swim for charity and so I'm going to try my best to get round in a reasonable time.
So its back on the diet today - salad for lunch, porridge for breakfast and back at the gym tonight for another training session in the gym.
On the plus side, I ordered lots of lovely new gym clothes to wear because the others were literally falling down when I ran! So tonight I will be sporting some of my new things plus my new running trainers my brother and his fiance bought me for my birthday - I'm allowed a small girly moment to be excited about a new outfit for the gym aren't I?

Calories eaten so far today: 618
Predicted Exercise today: 1 hour training session: 692 calories

How was your weekend?
How do you get back from a bad couple of days?

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