Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keep on Swimming

After my weekend with my parents I knew I'd have to hit the gym hard to try and make my birthday celebrations great without having too much of an impact on my weight.
However with all the carbs I'd eaten I was feeling a bit bloated and low in energy so even though I was up for the gym with Tom I knew I wasn't going to be my usual perky self.
Tom noticed too but I managed to power through a session and was pleased with myself with what I managed.
I also had a good session on the treadmill - I was only on there for 10 minutes but I managed a 10 minute mile without my calf giving me any jip which is always a good thing.
On the bad side I tried to use my Garmin and foot pod for the run and it seemed to work but then being the Muppet I am I managed to delete my entry!! :-( Its gonna take me a while to get the hang of it - and I'm supposed to be an engineer!!

Last night I went for a swim. Check me out upping the exercise on my birthday week!!
To be quite honest it was horrendous - last time I went I got thrown out of the lanes to make way for a swimming lesson so I decided to wait until later in the evening to go this time to see if that worked... It didn't. 
This time instead of having two lanes in the pool, there were three meaning that the free space on the other side was smaller and the three lanes were taken up by the local triathlon team.
Now that's fair enough. They're entitled to use the pool but two of the lanes only had two people in it!!! I mean really!! Couldn't they have shuffled into one lane and either given the general public one lane to swim in or take that lane away all together?
So anyways, I was left battling to swim around other people in the main part of the pool and again I don't understand people. 
I was there swimming laps right next to the lane ropes, i.e. trying to keep out of the way of others, I'd been there swimming for about 20 minutes and then a woman decided to get in the pool and just stand leaning against the side right where I'd been swimming!! I'll never understand people who get in a pool to stand about - personally I couldn't be bothered getting so wet just to stand about!! Don't get me wrong, I go to the pool and mess about - I'm not one of those who think the pool is just for swimming lengths, i understand it's for enjoyment too but please people if someone is obviously working out - please don't get in their way!!
So anyway, I was battling with people getting in my way and wanted to get out several times due to frustration but I figured its always going to be like this and I really need to get my ass in gear for this swim in June so I persevered and swam a mile.
I did it in 44 minutes exactly which considering how many times I had to stop and / or weave around people.
On Thursday I'm going to swim 1.5 miles and then at the weekend I'm going to aim for 3 miles but would be happy if I only did 2 miles. But in short my swimming is going well, my mile was frustrating because of the people in the pool but the actual swim felt good.
I once again tried to use my Garmin for the pool - I know it has a swim setting on it, its one of the reasons I picked this particular model, but could I find it last night in the changing rooms? Could I hell!! So I just tracked a time instead but I'm going to read through my instructions again today and see if I can work out how to do splits for my laps and also a calorie count too.

Tonight I'm back in the gym with Tom for a massive session before my dinner out with Paul

I hope everyones week is going well - halfway to the weekend :-D
How is everyone else's training going? Is there anything you get frustrated with?

Hannah x

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