Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Keep on Swimming

Last night was another gorgeous day in Glasgow, almost a shame to spend it inside in a pool but needs must!!

Like I said before, I wanted to do my long swim last night and I lasted two miles. After the week I've had I was just about done after 130 laps.
I swim in a 25m pool so 130 x 25 = 3250m
1 mile = 1609.34m
So 2 miles = 3218.68m
I know I'm slightly over but in this situation I'd rather being too much than too little

Anyways enough maths for now!
I did the 130 laps in 1hr 22mins which is basically a 41minute mile which I'm quite happy about - it was the first time I'd tried to swim the two miles in a long time so I was trying to pace myself early on so that I didn't tire too fast and not be able to make the distance.
Now I know how I was feeling at the end of it I'm going to work on my speed and try and get that down, swimming in open water is harder than swimming in a pool and I'd like to do the race in something near to 1.5 hours so although the above time indicates that I'll be able to make that, I'm sure I'll be slower in the lake.

The thing I'm annoyed with myself about is that I got out of the pool because I was bored!
I felt tired after my two miles but not so tired that I couldn't have done another mile or so but I just didn't want to and I'm annoyed that I didn't push myself that little bit further.
I have an underwater mp3 player which I should start using again. I usually put an audio book on it and the lengths seem to fly by when I'm listening to a book but the headphones are those that go around your ears and I have seriously tiny ears which means that they fall off when travelling through the water which is often more of a hindrance than the amount it helps me by keeping my mind occupied.

I'm going to go back to the pool at the weekend and do a two hour swim, I'm going to record splits on my Garmin as usual but I'm not going to count laps as I do them, I'm just going to see if I can swim constantly (at my normal pace) for that amount of time so that I know I'll have enough stamina to do that if I take longer in the lake.

According to My Fitness Pal 1.5 hours of fast, vigorous freestyle swimming burns 1283 calories so I went home looking forward to something nice for dinner with a few extra calories to play with.
This is what I made myself
Pulled Pork on a Wholemeal Bun with Salad and Coleslaw
And can I just say it was absolutely delicious, just what I needed after that long swim.
It was also made more delicious because it has bread in it.
Tom has had me on a very low carb diet for ages because we've discovered that although Hannah LOVES pasta and bread and potatoes - they don't love Hannah very much in terms of weight loss so I've been avoiding them as much as possible.
However, due to the amount that I'm training both with him and on my own in the pool and at dance class, Tom has said I should incorporate some 'good' carbs into my diet which basically means anything wholemeal or wholegrain and I didn't need to be told twice to get my gums around some bread!!
It was absolutely delicious and very quick to put together - I eat salad every day for lunch at work, I roast a whole chicken at the weekend and shred it and keep it in the fridge to add to my salad and I also chop a bunch of different salad things lettuce, cucumber, peppers, celery, beetroot etc and keep them in the fridge so all I have to do on an evening is rinse out my lunch box and put handfuls of salad in it, top it with chicken and I'm ready for lunch the next day - simple!
So if I'm having salad on an evening too I just have to do the same thing but onto a plate.
The pulled pork I made at the weekend - its dangerously easy, just some pork loin and barbecue sauce (the bottled stuff) chucked into a slow cooker and left to cook on low for eight hours then shred with two forks. I got the inspiration for that from here
I then had a bit of a treat and had a Devilmoo frozen yogurt for desert - yummy too and only 150 calories!!

I also thought I'd be brave and put up some photos in my snazzy new gym kit - excuse the hair, its my classic 'I've just been to the pool and can't be bothered to blow dry it' look!!
I can't believe I'd ever look like this - I don't pay myself compliments in general but even I'm pleased with the way I look!!
Not very clear but that's me in my gym kit

They're taken in the mirror as you can probably tell!! But that's me from the front....

...And that's me from the side.

The thing that gets me the most about these photos is that I look thinner from the side. I know that might sound silly but at my heaviest I really didn't look any different from the front or the side, I was just a big round ball!! And I have to say I love that I now shrink when I turn to the side!
I know. It's the simplest things that amuse me!!

Tonight I'm going to my dance class which will earn me some more calories in the bank and I'll have fun doing it too!!
After dance, Paul and I are going to the cinema, we are hoping to see the Avengers movie but if that's sold out there is plenty on at the moment for us to choose from so I'm sure whatever we get to see will be great.
I'm going to make sure I've eaten dinner before going to the movies so I'm not tempted by all the lovely ice cream and popcorn!!

Question for you all - What movies have you seen recently? Which ones would you like to see?

Also I need a bit of advice from you - You know how I recently got my lovely Garmin 310XT? Well I can't for the life of me get it to connect to my computer using the USB thing - does anyone have any advice for me? I've got my activities stored on my watch but I'd like to be able to pull them off to produce charts and graphs and whatever other lovely stuff I can do to help track my progress!! I'm stuck!!
I'm a control systems engineer and I've been beaten by a GPS watch!!

Anyway - Happy Friday everyone - I hope the weekend is a good one, if you're in the UK I hope you get to soak up some of this all too rare sunshine!!

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