Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gym no Swim

I haven't posted for a couple of days because I've been sooooo busy at work - trying to right all the wrongs and get my project deliverables out on time. But you guys don't need to hear about that, I'm sick of it and I do a job I love so you guys will have no interest in it at all.
But just in case you are interested, one of my packs should be issued today (YEY!!) and I'm on track to get my other set of deliverables out in a fortnight, it should be next week but it's the Queen's Jubilee weekend in the UK and I'm taking the Monday and Tuesday off as a national holiday.
Speaking of that, I discovered that I haven't taken time off since Christmas (which was only two days off anyway) and before that it was July last year when I last had a holiday!
Paul, my boyfriend, is currently writing up his PhD (so proud of him BTW) so he's not taking any time off so if I took time off all I'd be doing is sitting round the flat and to me that seems like a waste of time and I lose a days pay. However, I think working such long hours consisting of busy days and trying to get all my training in for my swim and going to the gym in general I'm feeling pretty frazzled right now. So I'm going to take Monday and Tuesday off and try and unfrazzle myself!
I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it - I'll find it hard to not concentrate on how much money I'm giving up but I'm sure two days less money isn't going to make me destitute!!

Anyways back to training - Tuesday was a bit of a disaster, the pool lanes were being used (again!!) and the main bit of the pool was really full so I did my slowest half mile ever! 22 minutes for half a mile!! I can usually do a mile in 34 minutes (average) so I wasn't too impressed with those stats!
In the end I got so annoyed trying to dodge people I went to the side of the pool and did stationary kicks for ten minutes, it shows just how much I don't use my legs while swimming coz it was hard! I felt a bit better about my session after that - not brilliant but not too down either.
That's the thing I like about swimming is once I'm in and wet even if I'm having a bad session I feel like I can't get out early because then I'll have gotten all wet and will have to wash and dry and straighten my hair (I have long very thick hair that takes ages to dry!) for no reason so I stay in and try and make it worth it.

Yesterday (Wednesday) I had my session with Tom in the gym - it was an absolute killer, he made me up my tempo more than ever and also made me do big sections without a break. I did an hour of training with only three breaks in between high intensity boxing, medicine ball work, sit ups and leg ups BEFORE going on the treadmill. I managed a mile at a 10 minute mile pace but had to stop and walk halfway through (so disappointed) so my average pace was actually 12.13 min mile. I then did a cool down walk for a couple of minutes to make it a 15 min session on the treadmill. I was disappointed I had to stop and disappointed I was only on the treadmill for 15 minutes but Tom told me that he had pushed me harder than ever with the other stuff so I'm going to have to take his word for it and not be too hard on myself.
After the gym I headed for the pool ready to at least get a mile out as it says in my training timetable but I was pumped from the gym so ready to do a bit more seeing as I'd not done so well the night before.
Anyways, I got to the pool to discover THE WHOLE POOL was booked out for swimming lessons!! I mean I know I live on an island and its important for kids to learn how to swim but jeez sometimes I feel like my pool is training half the UK the amount of times the lanes are being used!!
So I was a bit disappointed but I'd already put in an hour at the gym so its not like I hadn't done anything.
I headed home and had some chicken, salad and half a Spanish omelette for dinner and it totally hit the spot.
After that I chilled out, watched some TV put some laundry away and tried to get to bed at a reasonable time.

Tonight it's swimming only, I'm hoping anyways if the pool isn't packed / booked out completely.
I'm feeling pretty energetic today and up for a decent swim but we'll see how it goes - tomorrow it'll be three weeks until my swim!! Scared much!!

Oh and...
Still trying to get my Garmin to connect to my computer - any ideas?!?!

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