Monday, May 14, 2012

Celebrations have started

Sorry for not being around this weekend - I was out and about for most of it because my parents were up visiting. 
They have taken a weeks holiday in Scotland, one reason being because they got a very good deal on a hotel up here (I live with a flatmate up here and don't have the room to house my parents when they visit which means that their visits are few and far between) and its my birthday on Wednesday so they were trying to catch up with me as near to that as possible.
Paul and I met up with them on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend to try and pack in as much quality time with the rentals before I needed to go back to work and they have to head back down south.
On Saturday Paul and I drove over to where my Mum and Dad were staying, went out for some lunch and then took a ride on a steam boat on Loch Katrine which was nice but freezing! 
The boat has a tent like roof but was open all the way around the sides so you could get a good view of everything but that meant that it was very cold as the boat travelled across the Loch!! The air falling from the Scottish mountains surrounding the Loch wasn't exactly the warmest!
It was very interesting though, the guide told us things about the area that I didn't know.
Paul and my Dad were cheeky and went and stood near the engine house under the pretence of seeing how the boat was working, it was only after we got off the boat that Paul and my Dad told me and my Mum that next to the engine house was really nice and warm! 
My Dad's excuse for not telling us this fact was that if he had 'he'd have had to move out of the way for us!!' Cheeky men hey!!
On Saturday night my Mum and Dad took us out for a lovely dinner for my birthday because they aren't going to be here on Wednesday. 
Needless to say I ate desert and my diet went out of the window for the weekend. Its probably going to go out of the window on Wednesday too because Paul is taking me out for dinner as well but I'm going to try and counteract this with extra hard exercise sessions and my birthday only comes around once a year. 
I've got my training session with Tom tonight and Wednesday and I'm going to go swimming tomorrow night and Thursday and twice again at the weekend too so fingers crossed I manage to have a good birthday whilst also keeping my weight in check. 
If this doesn't happen I'm going to try and not get too disheartened and I'll just make sure I work extra hard in the coming weeks to get rid of the pounds I've put on.
On Friday I went and did something I've wanted to do for years but when I was overweight I never had the confidence. 
I went to a dance class, street dance to be exact. 
Now you can laugh all you want and believe me I laughed at myself too because I'm really not the most coordinated person in the world but secretly I've always wanted to be able to dance. Also, Tom is leaving my gym in a few weeks so I won't get my dose of two heart attack sessions a week like I have been getting recently and I'm concerned that my weight loss will suffer once he's gone. 
So I looked up dance classes and found a really good value one only a twenty minute walk from my flat and bit the bullet on Friday and went and I really enjoyed myself. 
I wasn't perfect by any means but it was only my first week and I certainly got a good and different workout from it so I think I'm going to continue with it and see how long I enjoy it for. 
That reminds me, I must book into the next class before it fills up!
So that was my weekend full of food, dancing and family - a pretty good one if I do say so myself and I've still got a nice mid week treat to look forward to, not to mention the size able bag of presents my parents dropped off for me from them and my brother and his fiance. Fingers crossed the week continues to be this good!! It's not a bad way of softening the blow of becoming 27 hey!!

How was your weekend? Any special dates coming up in your calendar? How do you deal with dinners out versus weight loss?

Hannah x

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