Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The aches and pains

My week seems to have started off well - I finished work for the day yesterday and headed to the gym for my session with Tom.
Needless to say my session was brutal, Tom made me do circuits for the first half hour and then he got me running on the treadmill. I got new running trainers for my birthday and I was wearing them so it was nice to give them a try for the first time. I managed to run for twenty minutes alternating between a light jog and a harder run - I still averaged a 13 minute mile which isn't the best but it seems my broken calf isn't going to give me anymore problems, I never felt a thing from it throughout the whole run!
After I finished with the gym I headed to the pool to make up for not going at the weekend. It was great actually - for the first time I've been going to this pool there weren't any classes on in the lanes so I didn't have to swim around people. The lane I got in only had one other swimmer in it and they seemed to be swimming at a similar pace to me which worked well because as I was travelling up one side of the lane he was coming down the other side so we never got in each others way. After the gym the swim was also calming so I just got my head down and swam and it showed on my times - I managed 60 lengths in 30mins which is a brilliant time for me.
All in all a good workout - if I were to have a little grumble it would be that I got chucked out of the laned area before I managed to finish a mile (64 laps - I know only four to go!!) for some aqua aerobics class but my time for 60 laps was so good for me that it really didn't bother me. I was also pleased with myself that I'd actually gone to the pool after my training session so I can handle losing 4 laps.

Today I'm paying for my enthusiasm last night, nothing too bad just the usual muscle ache after working hard - its a good feeling though.

I also lost a pound today since last Tuesday - I gained a few pounds a few weeks ago for some unknown reason and I'm still not back down to the lowest weight I've been but I'm now only a pound off. Things seem to be moving in the right direction again so I'm a happy bunny today, tired but happy.

Swimming again tonight lets see how things are after last night


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