Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Aches and Pains

Today I'm aching all over.
It started on Monday after the bike ride on the Sunday and then on Monday night I have my training session with Tom and after taking a week off last week because of my cold it hit me hard. 
I think Tom worked me hard too. 

He started me off with some boxing and high knees at a fast pace, I can't count how many times he says 'harder' and I'm thinking 'I was punching as hard as I could before!!' 
After that we worked on my abs (or abs that will magically appear when I've lost all the weight I want to) with a medicine ball. 
This basically involved more sit ups than I'd like to mention while holding on to a 6 pound ball. 
I also worked on my lower abs by gripping the ball between my knees, lying on my back and bringing my knees up to my chest - that one was harder than it looked when Tom demonstrated it to me!
After that I did some squats with the medicine ball which when my thighs were already hurting from the bike ride the day before absolutely killed! 
I should already have known that Tom wouldn't show any mercy, I'm talking about the guy who when I'd run so hard I gave myself a nose bleed let me stop to clean myself up and then said we'll just work on abs and a bit of boxing instead!! I would have assumed a nose bleed would spell the end of the session but obviously not - so a bike ride in my own leisure time won't affect Tom's opinion on my training at all - I think he just thinks of it as homework!
So after my legs were shaking from the amount of squats Tom then said I was going on the treadmill which didn't sound great to me because of the state of my legs but I'm nothing if not a tryer. 
So I got on the treadmill prepared for a disappointing run. 
I was pleasantly surprised with myself though, I managed to run for two sets of five minutes at a fairly decent pace, I think it was heading for an 11 minute mile although I'm still not sure of the settings on the treadmill at the gym.
Now that might not seem like much but it's the longest time I've been able to run for since tearing my calf without it seizing up. I think I might just have turned a corner with it and if I make sure I stretch it well before training, I'm hoping my calf is all better. 
It's great because I was up to between twenty and thirty minutes running without stopping at a 10 minute mile pace so I'm hoping that this is the start of getting back to that standard.
After training dinner consisted of chicken and salad, my main staple of food at the moment which can get a bit boring at times but keeping away from carbs on an evening seems to really work for me in the weight loss department so if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Tuesday was a bit of a disappointing day to be honest, I'd put in an offer on a flat which had been accepted but then I got some survey results back and it turns out that the property isn't in as good shape as I was originally led to believe. A lot of it is unknown too until a specialist could open up walls and see what extent the damage is so after a lot of thinking I have decided to walk away from the deal - I simply don't have the time to try and deal with those kinds of problems, I work too long hours and it could end up being a money pit too. 
So that was a bit of a downer but I'm glad it was caught before I bought the place and was left to deal with it all!!
After work I went to the pool - my swim is looming ever closer and I really need to get the lengths under my belt - two miles is a long way to swim in the pool but in open water it's so much harder. 
I did the one mile version about three years ago and I'm about three stone lighter and a lot fitter than I was then so I'm sure I can get round the two mile course but swimming is something you have build up for. 
The gym will help me with strength and stamina but the only way to be sure that I can swim the distance is to ermmm... swim the distance.
I was all prepared to see how fast I could do a mile, I'm going to build up to four miles in the pool to be sure I have enough stamina to finish the two miles in open water but I haven't been swimming for such a long time that I knew I'd have to build my swimming back up again.
However, I got in the pool and got half a mile under my belt in 25 minutes, which I was quite happy with, but then I was asked to leave the laned section of the pool because there were swimming lessons starting. 
The other section of the pool was pretty full and there was a group of kids playing with a big inflatable ball in there - I have no problems with that but I knew I'd get annoyed having to dodge around people so I decided to bank my half mile and get out.
Not the result I was wanting but I'll get there - I'm going to have a look at when there are swimming lessons at my pool so that I can avoid them next time.
Dinner was a veggie burger and salad, I have some nice lean pork chops that I was going to have but they are in the freezer and I totally forgot to take one out to defrost and you can cook the veggie burger from frozen hence my choice.

Tonight is my session with Tom again which I'm dreading it considering the state of my thighs today so I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow!!

Also, I got a new toy in the post last night!! Its a Garmin Forerunner 310XT i.e. a clever watch

I've heard good things about these Garmin watches from other blogs I read and I have been becoming increasingly more frustrated with not being able to track things properly and being an engineer I love my gadgets!! 
These watches aren't cheap though so I decided to wait until I got into a proper routine with my training so that I could justify to myself spending that amount of money and I think I'm at that stage now. The mere fact that I actually enjoy training tells me that I'll keep going.
The Forerunner 310XT is the waterproof version of the Garmin range so I figured I could use it for my swim training as well as my running. 
I also bought the footpod to sync with it so that I can use it when I'm in the gym on the treadmill too.
I have no idea how to use it at the moment but I'm hoping it'll be able to help me track my pace both in my swimming and running and help me to improve - I always get a bit of a boost when I know all my hard work is getting me somewhere!
Any advice on using my new snazzy piece of kit?

Anyway, that's enough from me, 
Have a good day
H x

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